Monthly Archives: April 2009

Bandits of pop

rubikTHEY COME, THEY SEE, THEY HEAR, THEY FEEL. They take bits and pieces from here and there to create something new. They are bandits and they have a dadaist inspiration. This is the way indie quartet Rubik sees itself on its second album, Dada Bandits.

Last summer Rubik faced the task of recording the always difficult second album. After the success of their first full length Bad Conscience Patrol (2007) many, inside and outside Finland, were waiting for new songs. Like modern dadaists of pop, the quartet took a step forward, forgot the established standards and locked itself up in the studio for one month to come up with eleven songs of an appealing complexity and irresistible pop sensibility.

Just after the first date of the tour to present Dada Bandits, we called singer and guitarist Artturi Taira to talk a bit about the new album. And sure he likes to talk. He does it very quickly, even unusually much for a Finn, and his mind seems to be buzzing with ideas. No wonder all the concepts behind Rubik have been very well thought. Continue reading

A band in progress

delay-treesThey come in quietly, with modesty and not making noise, but indie pop quartet Delay Trees have just self-released what it could become one of the best debut records to hit the scene this year. The Helsinki / Hämeenlinna band escapes from loud noises to deliver gentle cinematic with a subtle touch of sixties psychedelia.

A couple of weeks ago, Delay Trees presented the Soft Construction EP live in Tampere. Just a bit before the late night show, the guys spent some time to introduce the band. Guitarist and singer Rami Vierula acted as the spokesman and took the lead in the conversation. Continue reading