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Lows and highs at Provinssirock

provinssirock_ristoLast Saturday I went a couple of hours up North to attend Provinssirock in Seinäjoki, a rather small city in Southern Ostrobothnia that during three days doubles its population and welcomes the parade of festivals goers. Those who have followed my posts in ALLSCANDINAVIAN are already aware that the line-up this year was not my favourite and I was not very thrilled by Saturday’s headliners Manowar, although it was the kings of metal first appearance in Finland in seven years, so a good number of metalheads showed up in Seinäjoki.

Escaping the masses near the main stage, I could focus on the smaller bands, and sure there were plenty of Finnish bands drawing my attention. Early on Rubik, one of my favourites, opened the big tent’s programme on Saturday. Unfortunately, I missed the first 15 minutes because the the media check-in was taken to a new location, one kilometer from the festival’s entrance and it took me a while to find it. My arrival to the festival was not very smooth but once I had my wristband, I rushed to the big tent, where a nice crowd was following Rubik’s show. This is a very ambitious band and does not hesitate to bring horn players, layers of synthesizers and a bunch of weird instruments to reproduce the complex textures of the songs. Still, the band is very tight and every note fells into place, not mattering if the song explores calm psychedelia -think The Flaming Lips-, or turn into a sonic boom -think The Mars Volta. Continue reading

Three days of peace, love and metal

sauna2009_3During last Saturday’s performance, the singer of Hammerfall said that it was the coldest sauna he had ever been, and indeed, this year’s Sauna Open Air festival in Tampere was marked by weather conditions that drifted from cold and rain on Friday to a sunny picnic day on Sunday. But despite bad weather, metalheads and sleazy rockers gathered early in order to see Amorphis, that opened the big stage on Friday. The Finnish metal band presented “Skyforger”, a concept album released a couple of weeks ago that has already received some rave reviews. This melodic death metal inspired by the epic of Finnish legend Kalevala was a remarkable way to start the festival. Continue reading