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Disco Ensemble – Back On The MF Street

Back On The MF Street EP


Rural punks

jaakkonjay2If Woody Guthrie would have lived in London in 1977, he might have taken folk-punk to the top of the charts. Well, that did not happen, but nevertheless, folk and punk have always spoken a very similar language, and this summer two guys from Tampere are pursuing their doctorate in acoustic folk punk. With the simplicity of the rambling musicians playing with pots and pans on the porch, Jaakko & Jay deliver an energetic collection of songs about revolution, making music, social commentary and drinking. Continue reading

Music Alliance Pact – July 2009

map2Every month on the 15th, the Music Alliance Pact presents 26 bands and songs chosen by music blogs in 26 different countries, giving the opportunity to listen to music around the world. This month we welcome two new MAP-countries: Japan (represented by the blog JPOP lover) and Venezuela (represented by Barquisimeto Musical). To represent Finland this month, we selected a young indie rock band from Kuopio, Neufvoin, that has just released a great EP. Continue reading

Beats and Styles long jump

beatsandstylesOnce again, dance band Beats and Styles unveil a surprising collaboration. A few years ago, rocker Michael Monroe was enlisted for a couple of songs and now Finnish long jumper Tommi Evilä guests in the song Strength of Mind (GO!), providing a neat and heavy guitar solo. This is the theme song of the European Youth Olympic Festival 2009, which starts in Tampere on Sunday 19th. Continue reading

Candy scent

tvoff2Pop melodies and electro bits are the base for some of the most stimulating music to come up this summer. Helsinki electro duo TV OFF is finishing up the last details of its debut album to be released later this year, but in the meantime Sara and Markku are spreading some songs through the cyberspace and performing everywhere from Lithuania to Japan.

Electronic music is not a very popular genre in Finland and still it is a minority behind the metal army, the traditional iskelmä, the pop, the rock and even the rising indie scene. Just a couple of clubs offer electronic music, besides the mainstream hits, and festivals hardly feature DJ sessions due to the early curfew.

In this situation, TV OFF burst with some catchy tunes and a fun image, playing regularly in Helsinki and being invited to play in several countries. All that without an album out. The music has been described as colorful, sexy, cool, refreshing, visual… Those are the tired adjectives, but, as a matter of fact, they never sounded more appropriated. Just back in Helsinki after playing in Tokyo, we called Sara and Markku for a quick Q&A, while they work in the album in the studio. Continue reading

Musex distributes touring grants

The Ministry of Education, through Music Export Finland (Musex), has announced a new round of tour support grants for Finnish bands and artists. A total of 150,000 euros was distributed among 15 bands in order to support future international tours. These grants have been given yearly since 2007 and the total amount increased this year from 100,000 euros to 150,000 and they are given to artists that have received significant touring offers abroad. The decision is done by Musex board. Music Export Finland is an export association that represents the Finnish music industry. Continue reading