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Helsinki – Vermont – Helsinki

Them Bird Things

This is not your regular band story. It starts back in 1962 with American band Mike & The Ravens. Like many talented bands of that era, Mike & The Ravens did not make it and they just released a couple of singles. More than 40 years, upstate New York based American producer Will Shade tracked down the band all the way to Vermont and while producing their first album, he introduced songwriters Mike Brassard and Steve Blodgett to Finnish singer and former Branded Women keyboard player Salla Day. It was love at first sight and Salla took a bunch of songs written over forty years, put Them Bird Things together and record a timeless album with twelve songs that delightfully blend the traditional sounds of pop, folk, psychedelia, country and rock and roll. Fly, Them Bird Things, Fly! is one this year’s best albums, and I am not talking only about Finnish music. It will cheer you up any day of the week. Continue reading

The 69 Eyes tour Finland

The 69 Eyes - Back In BloodWe know that The 69 Eyes have many hardcore fans all around and some of them are waiting to come to Finland to see the band. Those fans can start making some travel plans because the tour dates have been released. The hard rock band will tour Finland for three weeks during the darkest time of the year in November and December. Two warm-up shows will take place in the end of September in Eastern Finland. Continue reading

Alice Cooper show canceled on religious grounds


This story is not exactly about Finnish music, but it is so surprisingly strange that we cannot help posting it. Shock rock godfather Alice Cooper was scheduled to play at Tampere Arena next December, but the show has been canceled due to the most surprising reasons.

After the show was announced and tickets were about to go on sale, the venue owner Harri Wiherkoski found out what the Alice Cooper show is about and decided he would not hire his venue for such a satanic show that conflicts with the venue’s Christian-based policies that specifies that no artists may perform there who ‘incite evil and the power of darkness’. Apparently, the show would piss off The Lutheran-based charismatic revivalist group Nokia Mission and others that use Tampere Arena for their events.

The show will take place in Espoo on December 11 instead. Tickets go on sale tomorrow through the usual outlets.

Keramick & Lobo: The beat of cool

Keramick & Lobo

Producers Jussi Mikkonen and Visa Mäkinen, or for the record Keramick & Lobo, combine their downbeat electronic layers with a wide array of musicians for a perfect blend of machines and real instruments on their new album The Braille. 19 artists, including singers Eeppi Ursin and Teemu Tanner, participate on the duo’s compositions and provide a smooth jazz beat with violins, trumpet, saxophone, percussion and a few other instruments. Continue reading

Introducing: On Volcano

On Volcano

The story of On Volcano is not much different to thousands: young boys gather on a garage to jam and create some music, they play some gigs and bring up some money to record a self-produced album. In spite of being usual, the story of this indie quartet from Tampere is no less interesting. They did not choose the fastest way to stardom, as they play some enigmatic post-rock with long songs and crude guitars.

After releasing an EP last year that got some attention as far as Japan and a few indie radio stations in the United States, On Volcano are currently involved in recording their first full-length album. They can also be seen touring the Finnish nightclubs regular, opening for bigger bands or headlining their own shows. But let let bassist Lassi be the one who introduces the band that dances on the lips of a volcano. Continue reading

Music Alliance Pact – August 2009


This month the Music Alliance Pact is a Saturday special treat to liven up the last days of summer in Finland. The Alliance keeps on growing and this month we welcome five more blogs and countries: Wooozy (China), Indiecision (India), Mouxlaloulouda (Greece), Musical Mover & Shaker (South Africa) and Deathrockstar (Indonesia). But now let’s get to the music, just click the buttons to stream the songs, or right-click on the song title to download single tracks. As usual, at the end of the post you will find a link to download all the songs gathered in a single zip file.
Continue reading

The best Finnish music videos

omvfIn addition to the Air Guitar World Championships, the city of Oulu hosts an outstanding music video festival annually with a major part of its programme devoted to the Finnish Music Video Contest that welcomes a large selection of works done by Finnish directors for Finnish bands and artists. The festival opens next week’s Wednesday and includes eight different screenings  showing a total of 92 music videos until Sunday 23. Continue reading

The Micragirls do the electric chair twist on second album


O-Nine-O-Nine-O-Nine. I don’t know if that is the date for one more apocalyptic profecy, but if the world does not end by then, we will be able to enjoy new dazzling sounds by The Micragirls. Two years after their debut, these three rockabilly ladies undust their drums, organ and guitar and release Wild Girl Walk, eleven new songs and a cover of Wanda Jackson’s Funnel of Love. Can you already see people singing and dancing to this country classic? Continue reading

Regina – Totuus minusta


Three was the magic number for electro pop group Regina this year. Not only they are a trio, but they released their third album and they divided it in three parts, called it Puutarhatrilogia (‘Garden Trilogy’) and illustrated with three mysterious white spheres. What else can we do but present the band with the video for the the third track of the album?

Totuus minusta presents a smooth danceable bass beat, introducing the reiterative melody responded by growing background vocals. The song is a good representation of the elegant, delicate music done by Regina that is constructe with real instruments and vocals over electro pop templates. Continue reading