The Micragirls do the electric chair twist on second album


O-Nine-O-Nine-O-Nine. I don’t know if that is the date for one more apocalyptic profecy, but if the world does not end by then, we will be able to enjoy new dazzling sounds by The Micragirls. Two years after their debut, these three rockabilly ladies undust their drums, organ and guitar and release Wild Girl Walk, eleven new songs and a cover of Wanda Jackson’s Funnel of Love. Can you already see people singing and dancing to this country classic?

While serving their time on the road, The Micragirls made some good friends and after opening fo Heavy Trash across Europe, they invited Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray to provide some vocals on the song Out of Tune. That is some serious garage trash and a promise of “orgiastic happening of yells and screams”. But what else can you expect with songs like Girls Go Crazy and Electric Chair Twist.

Wild Girl Walk will be release in CD and vinyl on 9 September in Finland and a bit later, in 9 November, the album will be release in international markets.


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