The best Finnish music videos

omvfIn addition to the Air Guitar World Championships, the city of Oulu hosts an outstanding music video festival annually with a major part of its programme devoted to the Finnish Music Video Contest that welcomes a large selection of works done by Finnish directors for Finnish bands and artists. The festival opens next week’s Wednesday and includes eight different screenings  showing a total of 92 music videos until Sunday 23.

Apart of the contest, the programme includes special screenings of music documentaries including among others, Kiss Loves You, Come Back Kate, Afghan Star, Depeche Mode 101, Bananaz and the Finnish premiere of It Might Get Loud, starring Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White and their guitars.

Of course, live music will not be missed with performances of Pooma, Vuk, Murmansk, Anna Puu and Don Johnson Big Band, and during the Time Tunnel night, the longest-running electronic music event in Finland, TV OFF and Ka So Re will play their beats and the TOP BILLIN DJ collective will spin some records.


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