Keramick & Lobo: The beat of cool

Keramick & Lobo

Producers Jussi Mikkonen and Visa Mäkinen, or for the record Keramick & Lobo, combine their downbeat electronic layers with a wide array of musicians for a perfect blend of machines and real instruments on their new album The Braille. 19 artists, including singers Eeppi Ursin and Teemu Tanner, participate on the duo’s compositions and provide a smooth jazz beat with violins, trumpet, saxophone, percussion and a few other instruments.

The Braille is top class electronica for the chill out zone, nine atmospheric and cinematic passages, bordering trip hop and echoing the adventures of Thom Yorke and Barry Adamson. This is a very outstanding and enjoyable effort by these two talented young musicians.

Listen to Brown-Eyed Susan, a dark and intriguing track off The Braille. It is a real film noir piece of music.

[audio:|titles=Brown-Eyed Susan|artists=Keramick & Lobo]

Photo by Antti Heikkinen


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