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Sweet Jeena And Her Sweethearts – Don’t Talk Baby

Sweet Jeena

Perhaps to compensate the overwhelming heavy metal sounds or just as a consequence of the huge American culture influence and the passion for vintage cars, rockabilly music always received much love in Finland with tattooed pin-up girls and slicked-back hair boys popping up regularly  in the streets and bars. Sweet Jeena And Her Sweethearts go all the way to old time rock’n’roll with their first full-length ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Picnic’ that compiles the sounds that populated the radio waves before 1960. With a sugared voice that hums and whispers as much as sings and scats, Sweet Jeena commands her sweethearts through elegant through summer country ballads, danceable rhythm ‘n’ blues, so check the player to get a taste of it. But if this music sounds too modern, Sweet Jeena also fronts a jazz and swing combo: Sweet Jeena And Her Lazy Lions.

[audio:|titles=Don’t Talk Baby|artists=Sweet Jeena And Her Sweethearts]

Charlies – Like The Purpose Told Me

CharliesOn our last guest post over ALL SCANDINAVIAN, we took a look back at one of the greatest prog-rock albums to come out of Finland in the seventies. While we prepare a new post for Peter’s blog, let us bring here that look at the past and the sounds of Charlies.
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Cosmobile – Quiet Town

When a band mentions Talking Heads, The Strokes and Vampire Weekend to describe its sound, I cannot help scratching my head and wondering if such a mix works. However, on Cosmobile‘s new album “Making Do” such a mix works with a surprising simplicity. With this second album, the Helsinki band becomes one not to be missed in the near future. Expect them to receive a bunch of good reviews. Quiet Town is the first single and video off the new album.,t=1,mt=video
Cosmobile | MySpace Video

Pikku Kukka – Hiljaisuus

Pikku KukkaPikku Kukka, that is Emilia and Lotta, are two sharp singer-songwriters blending their voices in charming melodies from the deepest woods to sound like anything you would expect from Finnish pop. The nine songs included in “Pois ympäröivä maa” are uncomplicated folk and poetic pop disguised with a full-rock band and indie rock production. This “little flower” is classic Finnish pop with a debt to nineties superstars Ultra Bra.

[audio:|titles=Hiljasuus|artists=Pikku Kukka]

Photo by Jussi Puikkonen / Kasino

The KTU experience

KTUIn popular music there have been many different power trios but none of them as original and charismatic as KTU. In this project from outer space, accordion virtuoso Kimmo Pohjonen joins forces with TU duo: American musicians Trey Gunn (Warr guitar) and Pat Mastelotto (percussion) to play some unique instrumental music with progressive passages, dense textures and dark ambient. Before the imminent run of shows in Finland, we had a chat with the three musicians. Read what they have to say. Continue reading

Music Alliance Pact – October 2009


One year ago, Scottish blogger Jason of The Pop Cop started along with 11 music blogs more the Music Alliance Pact to offer the best new music from all around the world. Twelve months later, 22 more blogs / countries have joined the pact, being Estonian blog Popop the latest addition. During this time hundreds of songs have hit the net and reach a world audience and today we have 34 new songs ready to be streamed and downloaded. Right-click on the song title to download or find the link at the bottom of the page to download a zip file with all the songs.
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The 69 Eyes – Dead Girls Are Easy

We haven’t posted much hard rock and metal lately, but sure there are plenty of tough bands to choose in Finland, so let’s see a video by one of the most popular ones. At the moment, they are touring extensively North America, but before that, The 69 Eyes went to LA to record their 10th album and the California sun must have made some good as the band has put aside a bit (but not all) of their goth rock stamp in favor of some Jack Daniel’s-flavoured Sunset Strip hard rock. Yes, there’s a lot of Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe in “Back in Blood” and as the video shows there are also girls, girls, girls, black eyeliner, leather and vampires.

Lowlife Rock’n’Roll Philosophers – Psychosis

Lowlife Rock'n'Roll Philosophers

One of the latest CD to hit our mailbox is the third full-length by Pori-based quintet Lowlife Rock’n’Roll Philosophers. Yes, the intriguing band name suggests some esoteric adventures of the cyberpunk era or as the album title says “Welcome to the Dawn of a New Time”. Songs such as Comrade Stalin, Cul-de-Sac and Jewel Elephant anticipate some twisted stories. The songs have a piano-driven cinematic narrative with some prog-rock arrangements with occasional strings and violins. The vocal work by Noora Tommila is in line of other piano-girls like Tori Amos, Astrid Swan or Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer as the vocals and the keyboards work really well together, but surprisingly in this bunch of low lifers Noora plays guitar and not the keyboards.

Next we have the track Psychosis, which builds up to a very… well, psychotic, ending.

[audio:|titles=Psychosis|artists=Lowlife Rock ‘N’ Roll Philosophers]

Unsigned: The Distortions

The Distortions

The Distortions embrace some good old sixties sounds with a little bit of garage and a lot of psychedelic sounds. So far they have self-released a couple of singles and a live EP, and their to-do list shows that a new EP should be finished soon, along with a couple of music videos and hopefully, some gigs in Europe and UK next year. Although still a bit rough on the edges, their live act is pretty solid and it brings a bunch of good melodies and an impulse to jam and stretch the songs. Visit their MySpace page for some original nuggets, like Good Thing and Girl with a Golden Arm or the Pink Floydesque jam Modern.

Epilä – Ajatuspoliisi

This band is following a well-designed master plan to become the greatest pop band in Finland and if they survive to their own hype, sure they have enough talent to become one of the greatest in 2010. Keeping their music far from the Internet radar (what? no MySpace page?), these five guys based in Tampere have played a few occasional gigs since 2006, but they have managed to build up a great interest among labels and fans. That interest highly increased after self-releasing a hard-to-find EP in 2008. One year later, Epilä is signed and ready to release their first album, although we will have to wait until 20 January  to hear it. But before that, the single Ajatuspoliisi will be in stores next week.

Let us contribute to the hype posting the album teaser.