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Q&A: Cleaning Women

Cleaning WomenExperimental trio Cleaning Women was our selection for this month’s MAP post after the release of their latest album U. We also called planet Clinus 1, where the band resides, and spoke to CW04 to find out what these three cleaning robots have to say about the new album.
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Lapko – I Shot the Sheriff


Lapko is one of the most exciting and successful alternative rock bands in Finland  with their punk-based feverish sounds. A few months ago, the trio set camp in Woodstock, New York and enlisted D. James Goodwin to record their fourth album. The first single borrows the classic Bob Marley song title I Shot the Sheriff and it is available to download this week for free and to listen at the end of this post. The album release will also be release shortly.

[audio: – I Shot The Sheriff.mp3|titles=I Shot the Sheriff|artists=Lapko]

Magenta Skycode – We’re Going To Climb

Magenta SkycodeTurku band Magenta Skycode start their latest single We’re Going To Climb with some nice vocal harmonies and acoustic guitars that takes us to places recently visited by Fleet Foxes as the band builds up an uplifting and spiritual song. We’re Going to Climb is part of a recently released 7-inch vinyl, which features different artwork for each of the 529 pressed copies. The video, dreamy and eerie, is really outstanding, so continue reading and do not miss it. Continue reading

Swallow the Sun – …And Heavens Cried Blood

Swallow the Sun‘New Moon’, the fourth album by Swallow the Sun, can easily be considered one of the most outstanding metal albums of the year, and it confirms the band as one of the best of its kind around nowadays. In a little bit over 53 minutes, the Jyväskylä band develops eight long pieces (the shortest of them is above five minutes), based on a murky, but melodic doom metal. It is slow and minimalistic music, rough, but beautiful with the harsh vocals by Mikko Kotamäki responded occasionally by soft female whispers. Even though, this album might be a continuation of the previous works by Swallow the Sun, the songwriting is strong and it really shines on the longest tracks, which create very different atmospheres and textures. ‘New Moon’, which is released this week in the UK and in the USA, also results very easily accessible and so it serves well as an introductory piece to the current tendencies in this genre.

[audio:|titles=…And Heavens Cried Blood|artists=Swallow the Sun]

The Rasmus – October & April

The RasmusAlthough we usually prefer to look at upcoming bands, we cannot ignore the most successful Finnish pop band of the last ten years, with a few million of albums sold worldwide. The Rasmus, who recently celebrated their 15th anniversary as a band, close the decade with the release of a compilation album with all the singles and a couple of b-sides from the last four albums,that is ‘Best of 2001-2009’, and it includes, of course, the hits F-F-F Falling and In the Shadows. On this collection we can also find a previously unreleased song: the ballad October & April was recorded during the ‘Black Roses’ album sessions and it is a duet with Nightwish’s singer Anette Olzon. It is a genuine cheesy song for the Christmas season.

[audio:|titles=October & April|artists=The Rasmus]

Manna – Gimme Water


This autumn singer Manna is living her breakthrough after releasing her second album ‘Songs of Hope and Desire’, which was received with good reviews and followed by cover stories in magazines and a raising interest in the UK. Born in Paris to a Finnish mother and an Algerian father, the singer spent her childhood between France, Finland and Algeria, and now based in Helsinki, she represents an appealing cross-cultural oddity, much needed in the unmixed Finnish landscape. On this new album, Manna puts aside the dreamy pop of her debut, done in collaboration with some of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives guys, and she embraces an uplifting guitar pop with influences of Blondie and The Strokes.

Including the brilliant single Some Girls / Some Boys (once you hear it, you will have to hear it again and again), ‘Songs of Hope and Desire’ is a really strong album with no filler and we had some difficulties choosing a song to post, but in the end we picked up Gimme Water that effectively represents the catchy melodies and the dirty guitar work that are all over the album.

[audio:|titles=Gimme Water|artists=Manna]

Children of Bodom – Lookin’ Out My Back Door

With career that already spans six studio albums, at the age of 30 Children of Bodom lead guitarist and vocalist Alexi Laiho is on his way to become a metal god as he is praised around the as an original composer and talented guitarist. In the meantime, the band just recently released the compilation ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, consisting of old and new cover songs that perhaps should not be taken too seriously and fills the void until the new band’s album drops in. While some of the covers are expected, say Slayer (Silent Scream), Sepultura (Mass Hypnosis), some others are just surprising, say Ramones (Somebody Put Something On My Drink), or plain weird, like Kenny Rogers’ Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In and Britney Spears’ Oops! I Did It Again. Also a version of CCR’s Lookin’ Out My Back Door could be an odd choice for a single, but on the other hand, who has ever written better singles than John Fogerty. Can you say banjo in a metal song? Judge yourself.