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The Micragirls – C’mon Dance With Santa Claus

It’s Christmas, so Glue is going to take a little break to enjoy the snow and the cold weather, to eat some ham and drink some glögi. We will be back soon with more music and interviews to keep on enjoying the thrilling Finnish music scene, and of course, we will also prepare our own “Best of 2009”, so stay tuned. But before we go, let us wish you a happy holiday with another Christmas song. Garage punk trio The Micragirls celebrate the season dancing a twist with Santa Claus. You can hear and buy here. The girls will be playing at Tavastia in Helsinki in early January, so it is a good time to spin their latest album Wild Girl Walk.

Medeia – Antichristmas


Christmas, time of friendship, time of peace, time to love or… Medeia. The death metal band has recorded its own Christmas carol and has send it to the Internet in the form of another of a video in the usual Medeia style. It might not be as classy as Bob Dylan, but nevertheless it is a fun way to celebrate this time of the year. Also after seeing the video, one might get new ideas for the Christmas dinner. Watch and enjoy this fairy tale!
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Q&A: Jesse


Electronic duo Jesse likes it retro: you won’t see them perfect looking at their laptop’s screen, but hitting old synths, instead. Their first album, ‘Kaikki’, was well-received and they quickly move to the front line of Finnish electronic music, appearing in several summer. Now the duo is back with the follow-up, Tum Tum Tum, in which they go deeper into their AOR-influenced old-fashioned electronica. But now we will let Kalifornia-Keke (left) and Stiletti-Ana (right) talk in the following Q&A.

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The Best of 2010

The Wrecking QueensThis time of the year we usually squeeze our brains trying to remember and list the best albums, artists and songs of the year, but because everyone will have his or her own favorites, I’ll look ahead instead and tell you what will be in my player next year. Some of them will probably be in my best of 2010 list.
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Jaakko & Jay – War is Noise

Jaakko & JayThe long awaited Jaakko & Jay debut album starts with a critical advisory message warning the listener (or the critic) that music is for listening and not for analyzing and writing about it. However, these two young fellows would probably agree with me that doing what I am told to do would be incoherent with the free punk attitude they preach with their music. Therefore, I will not follow their advice and I will try to write something clever about this release. Continue reading

Le Corps Mince de Françoise – Something Golden

Le Corps Mince de Françoise

If you happen to be in Helsinki this Saturday, you might want to pass by Tavastia club and check some of the most thrilling electro-pop done in Finland. Girl trio Le Corps Mince de Françoise had a triumphant year and were all over Europe, generating an instant buzz everywhere they went. The trio wraps up this year with the release of the single Something Golden and with a video shot in Los Angeles by Matt Amato. Continue reading