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Michael Monroe new band

After Andy McCoy’s fiasco in November, it is time for Michael Monroe to resume his solo career and keep the Hanoi Rocks legacy alive. The singer is unveiling his new band with a press conference today in Los Angeles, but apparently the information is already out there. It looks like Monroe has gathered a supergroup of top class rock and rollers as the band is formed by Ginger (The Wildhearts), Todd Youth (D Generation), Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls) and Jimmy Clarke, who was the drummer on Michael Monroe’s Demolition 23. The band will debut in March in Las Vegas and at the SXSW in Austin and after that, it will play at Tavastia, in Helsinki in April.

You can follow the press conference tonight at 9pm CET on the Michael Monroe’s official website.


Epilä – Pyhäkoulu


The Internet phobic band Epilä finally release last week their long-awaited debut ‘Avohakkuu’ and they also have a new video for the second single Pyhäkoulu. To our ears, the whole album might not be as strong as expected (yes, live they are better), but it does have a few good radio-friendly songs such as the one you are about to hear and see as soon as you click the continue button.
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Q&A: Los Bastados Finlandeses

The story says that the legend of Los Bastardos Finlandeses started in remote mexican desert, a place where the guitars are loud and tequila never stops its flow, when guitarist Don Osmo pulled out the infamous Bastardo Joker as a gypsy woman dealt her cards. However it happened, a few years later, Los Bastardos Finlandeses, a bunch of forty-somethings who have played forever together and with others, are the hardest rocking band in Finland, inspired by heavy beats of Motörhead and the lyricism of Phil Lynnot. With three albums in less than three years (each of them dedicated to one of the members of the band) and a hectic touring schedule, Los Bastardos are also one of the hardest working bands in the country. Before embarking on their first UK tour in a few days, Welsh singer El Taff Bastardo (aka Bryn Jones) tells us about their last album, ‘El Grande’s Saloon’.
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Cats On Fire – The Hague

Last Year Cats On Fire released a fantastic pop album that made some noise around the blogsphere. In order to celebrate such a good year, the band released a free digital single a couple of days before the end of 2009. It is a cozy acoustic number called The Hague with the usual bittersweet vocals and melody by singer Mattias Björkas. The song is coupled with a demo recording of The Borders of This Land. Click to hear the track and read the lyrics. Continue reading

Jermaine – Don’t Be A Stranger

Alternative rock band Jermaine has a new album coming out and we can already listen to the first single off it, Don’t Be A Stranger. The song is really catchy and it shows exactly what Jermaine is about: an upbeat melody and some fast guitar chords, driven by a groovy bass line. This third album, with the title of ‘Jermajesty’, will be out in early March and it will followed by some touring in Finland and in the Baltic countries. Watch the video now! Continue reading

The top albums of 2009

Happy 2010, dear readers!

We are back online after the Christmas break and before we resume our regular program of songs, videos, interviews and the most diverse features, let us take one last look to 2009 with the inevitable Best of 2009 list. There are some good records this year and it is remarkable to notice that most of the albums on the lists are debut releases. There is definitively something going on in Finland.
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