Monthly Archives: April 2010

Disco Ensemble – Protector

Alternative rockers band Disco Ensemble are releasing their fourth album on 26 May, but they already have a second single to download for free. If you have the patience of going through the band’s Facebook page (and a few other webpages after that), you will be able to download the song Protector, or alternatively you listen to the song after the break. With this new song, the band seems to embrace some more popular formulas rather then their original post-hardcore. The album The Island of Disco Ensemble will be available in multiple formats, including a 50-page companion book. By the way, guitarist Jussi Ylikoski was chosen the Finnish guitarist on a poll conducted by public radio station YleX. Continue reading


Music Alliance Pact – April 2010

This month’s MAP post welcomes a fellow blogger from Switzerland that presents an indie trio based in Zurich. Representing Finland this month, we find the catchy pop metal sounds of Kärtsy, who has put aside cult metal band Waltari to release his first solo album next month. It is another great month of music, but this time we cannot say this is the world’s greatest mixtape. That honor goes to the charity album project by Amnesty International and Buffet Libre, “PEACE” that offers 180 unreleased songs from 56 countries for a donation of five euros (or more). That would be money well invested. Remember that you can download all the MAP songs at once with the link at the bottom of the post.

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Kaskas – Grandmother Weaves

Sometimes a great song do not need epic arrangements or an intricate composition, but just a good melody can do the trick. This is exactly what Kaskas achieves with a soft and groovy pop: a great simple song. This indie quartet from Helsinki is soon releasing their first album with the title of In the Meantime, and you can download it for free from their MySpace page come 29 April. But in the meantime, you can hear after the break one song off it. According to what we have been able to hear of the album, it promises to be a very enjoyable effort. Do not miss it. Continue reading

chILL – Madluck

Metalheads chILL are offering the download of a couple of new songs as an advance of their second album to be released later this year.  The promo single In Your Spine features imaginative and diverse rhythms, with a variety of vocals and tones on top of a wall of guitars. It is modern metal with the necessary hooks to raise your attention.