Monthly Archives: July 2010

Pintandwefall – Doughnuts

To cope with the current heat wave in Finland, Pintandwefall have released on their website a free EP (yes, that’s right, free) with the title of Roy Peter Mike and Ken, Baby. The seven-song collection shows a band stripped down to its basics: some garage riffs, pop melodies and lyrics with a twisted sense of humour, all wrapped in not much more than two minutes or less. Listen to the 98 seconds of Doughnuts after the break and get a glimpse of the EP or download all the songs. Don’t forget the artwork!
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Music Alliance Pact – July 2010

In the midst of one of the warmest summers in Finland, we refresh ourselves with the summer edition of the Music Alliance Pact. This month we have 33 songs and representing Finland, our favorites Delay Trees are back with the first single off their first, and long awaited, first album.
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The roots of Them Bird Things

Finnish-American band Them Bird Things have a new album coming on 3 August which includes a cover of an unreleased song by Jake Holmes (yeah, the singer-songwriter who has recently sued Jimmy Page over Dazed And Confused). If you want to hear more about the album, Jake Holmes and some of the band’s influences, tune into Radio Helsinki (you can listen online) tonight at 8pm as producer Will Shade will spin some records during the Divari show.

Husky Rescue – They Are Coming

After the summer holidays, we resume our blogging activities with the a new claustrophobic and creepy video directed by Pete Riski for Husky Rescue. The song They Are Coming is the new single from the album Ship of Light and will be released on 26 July worldwide featuring mixes by Warrior One, Kinema, Halogen & Production Unit as well as an exclusive new session recording of Sound Of Love. Discover who is coming after the break.
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