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Satellite Stories – Mexico

Some young lads from Oulu hit recently our mailbox with a bunch of refreshing self-produced pop songs. Satellite Stories is an indie quartet with the mission, according to their own words, of bringing you nostalgia from events that you never really experienced, like the 60s, first kiss from your elementary school crush and the time you and your best friend bought that awesome 45-single and listened it from your parents record player. Even though, they do not play any synths, the songs have the fancy danceable groove of electronic music. Click to listen the song Mexico.


Music Alliance Pact – September 2010

You were waiting for this one… unless you grabbed it from one of the other 34 participating blogs. Here is this month’s world’s best mixtape. Modern blues-rock-pop band Hi Horse is representing Finland this time with a very catchy tune.

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Maria Gasolina – A world of music

Finns, with their characteristic shy behaviour and social clumsiness, might not be very well qualified for the musical rhythms of warmer latitudes. Can you imagine one of those Aki Kaurismäki characters dancing to Brazilian music? No? You better change your mind, because as hard as it sounds there is band determined to make Finns dance to Brazilian and world music… the Finnish way, at least. For a few years, the nine-piece band Maria Gasolina has been translating Brazilian songs into Finnish and arranging them for the Finnish ear.

Maria Gasolina opened the main stage on one of the days of the Flow Festival and exposed the audience to sounds of the world. Their soon to be released new album enlarges their repertoire with music from four continents, from Haiti to Madagascar to Germany. Right after their show at Flow singer Lissu Lehtimaja talked to us about this peculiar project that started when a teenage girl traveled to Brazil. Continue reading

The sound of silence

Them Bird Things

Our favourite band Them Bird Things is collecting good reviews for their sophomore album Wildlike Wonder. Before they start a little tour around Finland to celebrate the release of the album, we sit down with singer Salla Day and producer Will Shade to get an inside look at the album and at the songs of Mike Brassard and Steve Blodgett. Continue reading and find out about it. Continue reading