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The Friend – New Berlin Wall

From the label that brought us the fresh sounds of Pintandwefall, I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper and more recently, French Films comes a new act to join the wave of new Finnish indie music. The Friend plays melodic indie rock music to make people dance, or in their own words “songs that are brisk, atmospheric, playful, three-and-a-half-minutes-long compact packages”. The band just released their first single, New Berlin Wall, although we will have to wait until February to listen to their debut full-length, Athletic Girls. Enjoy after the break this first installment of The Friend’s music. Continue reading


Michael Monroe – Nothing’s Alright

Earlier this year, Michael Monroe resumed his solo career forming an outstanding band that includes Wildhearts’ Ginger and old friend Hanoi Rocks’ bassist Sami Yaffa. With this band, Monroe goes back to the punk rock attitude that characterised his solo work in the nineties. He has dusted the songs of Demoliton 23, classic Stooges and Damned covers while the spirit of his old friend the late Stiv Bators is more present than ever. The result is that Monroe, at 47, is splendid second youth, overcoming the shadow of Hanoi Rocks. The band is rocking as the recently released live album, Another Night In The Sun, testifies. There are also new songs in the works and earlier in 2011, Monroe will release a studio album, recorded in Los Angeles with Jack Douglas and featuring special guests like Lemmy, and surprinsingly (or not) American singer Lucinda Williams. Continue reading after the break to watcha video of an amazing performance by the band filmed in Japan a few months ago.
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Music Alliance Pact – October 2010

Happy birthday, mappers! The Music Alliance Pact turns 2 this month and if we do the math more than 600 songs from all around the world have been shared during the last 24 months. The Guardian’s music blog joins this month to represent the UK, so we hope these greats songs will reach and even greater audience. From our part, we chose the latest indie sensation Big Wave Riders to represent Finland. Read this month’s post and enjoy the music.

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Big Wave Riders – Big Sound

It is somehow scary how fast musicians get together, form a band and send their music to the world in a matter of days. But at the same time, it is a tremendous joy to have something new every day. Today’s band, Big Wave Riders, started just before the summer, but it sounds pretty solid and is already creating some buzz in the Helsinki indie scene. They feature some fast beats, a little bit of garage, some playful electronica and a charismatic singer. You might think of other fast newcomers like Surfer Blood when you hear them. Listen to one of their song after the break and one more on their MySpace page. An EP is already in the works so we are pretty sure you will read about them often.
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