Monthly Archives: December 2010

Ville Pirinen – Live At We Are Home

We heard this week about a new live music video series happening in Tampere courtesy of the creative collective We Are Home. The series presents videos of live performances by local and international artists such as Jukka Ässä. Pintandwefall and Dungen and other upcoming acts like Jaakko & Jay and Cosmobile. The videos are elegantly filmed and shows the artists in a unique intimate setting, so we recommend you to bookmark the Live at WAH will become on of our favourite sites. To get an idea of what the site offers, continue reading after the break and watch the intense Jon Spencer-influenced performance of Technique‘s guitarist Ville “One Note Man” Pirinen.
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Underdøgs -Signs

Helsinki band Underdøgs have toured the local scene (and occasionally Tokyo)  for a few years with multi-layered epic songs. They have a little bit of Radiohead and a little bit of Muse as every other band nowadays. But Underdøgs also produced beautiful videos to illustrate their sonic journeys. Click to watch their latest one based on 3D animation.

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