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Rubik – Laws of Gravity

The kings of Finnish indie, Rubik, have a new album coming out very soon, the first one since their best of 2009 Dada Bandits. It is called Solar and after the intensive touring in Europe and America in the last twelve months, we sure hope this album will finally bring a major breakthrough for the band. The first single off the album is already available for download. It features the usual characteristics of the Rubik universe, with layers of sound created with a mix of weird and traditional instrumentals. But this time the band wants to go big and Laws of Gravity is a more pop-oriented radio-friendly track with an intense crescendo and powerful chorus. In any case, these guys are so talented that they all the success they can get. Listen to it after the break. Continue reading

Finnish MAP of 2010

Every month we choose one Finnish artist to represent the country on the Music Alliance Pact, that as you might know, is a network of more than 30 blogs around the world with the aim of compiling each month some of the best new tracks from each country. This year’s MAP is already rolling, but let’s go back to 2010 and hear again the Finnish tracks that made it to MAP. There is a little bit of everything, from electronica to indie pop to hard rock and anything in between. Did some of these tracks become your favourites of the year?
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Moses Hazy – Something You Ate

Our favourite hippies, Moses Hazy, have a new album, Better Beware coming out tomorrow and it includes 11 rock song with some acid instrumental passages and tons of energy. The band is some sort of rare specimen in the current Finnish music landscape as they usually go for a 70’s prog-rock inspiration. However, this new single is a pretty straightforward song with an in-your-face chorus, which might remind you of classic Scandinavian rock like The Hellacopters. Fortunately, they still drop a bit of psychedelia in the mix which make their sound much more interesting. Continue reading to watch the video or go to their website and download the mp3 file for free.

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The Teenage Lesbians – Vancouver Skyline

Do not be disappointed: The Teenage Lesbians is not a girl band, but four men from Helsinki doing indie music. They have come up with a pretty interesting project as they are focused on recording a concept album about Canada, even though none of them have been to that country. Yes, too many ice hockey defeats cannot do good for the old Finns. The band is blogging about their imaginary trip as they travel through newspaper articles, old stories, Lonely Planet books and Google. Join the ride for a while and listen to Vancouver Skyline after the break.

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Music Alliance Pact – January 2011

Welcome to the first MAP post of the year. Thirty five hard-working bloggers from all around the world keep on digging and finding the best new music from their countries to create the world’s best mixtape. Post rock band On Volcano represents this Finland this month. Continue reading to listen to the individual files or to download the zip file with all the tracks.

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Pintandwefall – Rat Dance

Do not be fooled by the cryptic pseudo electro first song, on their third album Pintandwefall keep on delivering fast indie garage songs with wicked lyrics, accompanied of playful lullabies. Three and a half years after their surprising and very enjoyable debut, Wow! What Was That, Baby?, these four girls from Vantaa maintained their trademark on their latest release. Time Is Right For Romans, Baby (pun very much intended) is a solid album, although the surprise is nowhere to be found. Perhaps, there are some harder guitar riffs (do I hear The Runaways on King Of All The Animals?), a couple of epic arrangements and better work with the harmony vocals, but it is pretty much what we would expect from Pintandwefall. Girls do not want to grow up. Click to listen to the heavy Rat Dance. Would a PAWF metal album be nice? Better them than Ryan Adams.


Magenta Skycode – The Simple Pleasures

Back in the end of 2009, we thought Magenta Skycode would be one of the bands to follow in 2010 and our prediction was quite right as their latest album, Relief, is mentioned in many best of the year list. It is likely that the new year will be even better as the buzz kees on growing. Click more to watch the band’s latest video and let yourself inmerse with their soft textures and gentle pop. It is beautiful as the kitten featured on the video.

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Lauri Saine – Forgotten Notes

To ease the hangover after the holiday break, we welcome the new year with the smooth electronic sounds of Lauri Saine. On his latest album, the artists explores what he calls “sampladelica” to seamlessly combine sampled and recorded sounds to create eight new jazz and hip hop influenced instrumental tracks. The result is elegant and inspiring with a cinematic nature. The featured track in this post is included in his third solo album Long Time No See, available in digital formats and in a limited edition vinyl. Continue reading