Monthly Archives: April 2011

22-Pistepirkko – Broken Toys Make No Noise

Before anyone in Finland knew what indie pop is, 22-Pistepirkko had done some of the most imaginative pop ever. After celebrating their 30th anniversary last year, reissuing their early works on vinyl and releasing a record store day single, the trio publishes a new album in early May with the appealing title of Lime Green Delorean. We can’t help wondering if looking at the past too much at the past make these guys buy the right car to go back in time. In any case, let’s look ahead and enjoy the refreshing summer vibe of the band’s new single Broken Toys Make No Noise. Serve yourself a cocktail and listen to it after the break.

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Music Alliance Pact – April 2011

“Let’s make some noise!” That’s what the Finnish representative of this month’s MAP post said when forming NT’s White Trash. And that’s what you have here now. You have some noise from 36 different countries. Listen to the world’s best new music after the break.

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NT’s White Trash – Whistle

Eighteen months ago, producer, guitar player and singer Nick Triani put together a new band with the aim of making some month. In May NT’s White Trash publish their debut album Mourning Becomes Electric, but you can hear the first single after the break. This song is a smooth exception on a album that promises some edgier sounds. Whistle is a catchy two and a half minute guitar pop song, with an uplifting… well, whistling. The most recognizable Brit of Finnish indie is joined by Janne Lehtinen (Mummypowder), Heikki Tikka (Kauko Röyhkä) and Henrik Domingo (Kiki Pau).
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