Monthly Archives: June 2011

Comet Sands – Somehow

Sometimes we feature foreign artists that have established themselves in Finland, bringing new influences and sounds. However this time, we introduce Comet Sands, the band of Tiia Jaakola, a Finnish woman who is spending some quality time in London playing synths and singing vocals. Combining Sonic Youth inspired noise rock and power pop melodies, Comet Sands have recently debuted in the cyberspace with a few recordings. Listen to one of their songs after the break.

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Astrid Swan – Box Elder

Once Astrid Swan was meant to the be the princess of Finnish pop, but she always seemed to be too stubborn to accept the impositions of music biz. With her third album, Better Than Wages, she fully embraced the indie sounds with a full album of straightforward guitar pop. This year Astrid has taken another turn in her career and in August she will publish a Pavement covers album with the attractive title of Hits (Pavement for Girls). Performed, recorded and mixed by Astrid herself, the album is a completely solo exercise and it will be published on the new Soliti label that gather some other of our favourites like Cats On Fire, Big Wave Riders, Black Twig and The New Tigers. Listen to the dreamy cover of Box Elder after the break.

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Satellite Stories – Family

We first heard about Satellite Stories last year when they hit our mailbox with the refreshing self-released Promo EP. With influences like The Wombats and Vampire Weekend,  these four guys from the Arctic city of Oulu continue delivering new songs this summer with a cheerful twist to make us dance. Stay tune and do not miss this band playing at some of the major Finnish festivals. Hear one of their new songs after the break.
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