Monthly Archives: September 2011

Music Alliance Pact – September 2011

Autumn leaves and dark skies here in Finland, but there is plenty of good music to enjoy thanks to the world’s best mixtape. This month Finland is The New Tigers with a song off their debut album. Listen to it and 34 more songs from all around the world after the break. Do not forget to share.

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Cry Bar – TV Show

Last Sunday Cry Bar opened for M Ward in Helsinki with a bunch of songs from their recently released debut album We Built This Ship. They showed a nice collection of roots rock songs with a pop twist. Listen to one of their songs after the break. Continue reading

Tiger Palace – Versailles

Inspired by waves, echoes, reverb, delay, chorus and snares. This is how Tiger Palace describe their music and indeed, it is a pretty accurate description. This band from Oulu mysteryously appeared on the Net with just one song and an enigmatic companion story: “I met her on a blue beach. Waves kissed my lips while i was riding a big one on my surfboard. Sunglasses purified her from the colours. I could hear echoes of my youth from a faraway speaker, chillwave sounds reminding me of the lonely 90’s”.

Watch their hypnotic video after the break.

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