Monthly Archives: January 2012

Lumeet – EPYX

A synth-pop anthem to pave the way for the weekend. Lumeet is an electronic music producer from Helsinki with influences that go from scandinavian folk to 70’s funk to video game soundtracks. And the track EPYX pretty much delivers all those influences with an upbeat action-flick sound. Or as its creator explains it, it is simply space disco. EPYX by lumeet

SLKJ – The Angel of Death

After releasing an impressive album a couple of years back, Finnish American artist Vuk (aka Emily Cheeger) has a new project with Junnu Alajuuman to create music somewhere between doom and electro pop. They called themselves SLKJ, which is short for Suomi-Leijona ja Kuollut Jänis (something like the Finnish lion and the dead bunny). The tracks available so far sound a little more playful than previous Vuk’s music, but they still keep those characteristic and intriguing layers of sound with Emily’s fantastic voice all over it. The Angel of Death by SLKJ

Death Hawks – Death Has No Reprieve

I missed this one when it came out a few weeks ago, but in the last couple of days I had time to catch up as I have been listening to this amazing tune on repeat mode. Death Has No Reprieve is a song from Death Hawks‘ debut album, out in February. It is spooky hypnotic and it sounds like a lost song by a very dark krautrock band. This is going to be one of the most interesting releases this year. Watch the video.

Esa Linna feat Roger Joseph Manning Jr – She’s Not A Human Being

It is far from being a very original tune, but a song with the line “She doesn’t like Jeff Lynne” deserves to be played over band over. Besides the funny lyrics dedicated to a lovely cat, She’s Not A Human Being is fairly happy sing-along power pop song recorded by Esa Linna with the help of Roger Joseph Manning Jr (remember Jellyfish?) on keyboards and background vocals. I am looking forward to hearing the whole album dropping sometime this year. Esa Linna featuring Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – She’s Not A Human Being by esalinna

Pepe Deluxé – A Night and a Day

Based on psychedelic electronica that embraces funk and rock, Pepe Deluxé have created a genre of its own and become one of the most peculiar bands in Finland. For their upcoming fourth full-length Queen of the Wave, the band has record a pop opera based on Frederick S. Oliver’s classic book A Dweller on Two Planets. The first single is already out there and you can watch the video for it below.