Monthly Archives: February 2012

Lady Escape – Still Life, Still

These guys know how to make some noise. Lady Escape has been present in Helsinki’s alternative rock scene for some years know with songs that let loose old school noise rock, but songs that may also take a turn towards delicate atmospheres and melodies. After a debut album in 2009, the band is ready to release the follow up in April. Listen below to its first single.



The electro-pop duo TV Off is a really funny band to follow. They often come up with attractive designs, cool promo photos, videos, tweets, blog posts and any other crazy way to use the internet.  They are also regular DJs at clubs around Helsinki and, of course, they released new music and remixes very often. Their latest offering is the free EP What They Say, which will be the bridge between their fantastic debut full length, Music Machine, and the follow up that will be released in a few months. Below you can listen to the gloomy track XXXXX , but go to the band’s soundcloud for more upbeat and danceable tunes.

Greymouth – Restless Passenger

After hearing only two songs, I am pretty convinced that Greymouth is going to be one of my favourites bands in 2012. Back in January I chose their first song ever published for the Music Alliance Pact post and now I cannot help posting their second song. The combination of the acoustic folk sounds of the band and Elisa Husu’s fantastic voice create some intense music that it is perfect for those indie folk moments. I can’t wait to hear some more.

Soul Shine Society – Back Where You Belong

They do not make bands like this any more. And because in the indie world we live in, there are not many bands channeling the spirit of Ronnie Van Zant, it is very refreshing to listen to the Soul Shine Society, a band from Tampere that plays good old Southern rock. Old stuff is new stuff. The band takes the best influence of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, and the modern approach of The Black Crowes, but the best is that they know how to swing without leaning on heavier sounds as many other Southern bands currently do. Below you can listen to one of their songs performed at the band’s first show ever a few weeks ago. With a bunch of good songs like this one, the Soul Shine Society will rise.

Anni Mattila – Sneakers

During these freezing days of  temperatures below -20 °C, I seek for the warm chick-with-piano music of Anni Mattila. This young singer and songwriter has an academic background, so expect a jazzy mood for piano-driven soulful songs with a pop twist. But overall, expect an extraordinary voice to command the music. Get yourself a warm cup of tea and enjoy the video below.