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Music Alliance Pact – March 2012

Here’s another round of the best new music around the world: MAP 2012 part III. The great Cats On Fire are representing Finland this month. As usual you can download all the songs in one go or listen to them individually.

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Michael H & The Siberians

Mikael H & The Siberians tag their music as cross-country and this seems like a proper way to label their blend of rootsy music, pop, sense of humour and weirdness. As the matter of fact, the band could have easily backed up the late Vic Chesnutt as both cover the very same peculiar musical zone. Being busy with other projects like Kaspar, it’s been almost six years since the band’s previous album, but come April and Mikael H & The Siberians will release their third full-length, in which you will find the tracks below. If April is too far, g to the band’s Soundcloud and stream their first two albums.

Treehouse – Back In School

Being The Jayhawks one of my favourite bands ever, I can only praise the work of Helsinki band Treehouse.  Two vocalists, sweet harmonies, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, pedal steel and occasional banjo are the band’s main ingredients to create a warm country-flavoured pop. This is just right with me. The band is readying their debut album for a release later this year. Listen to one of their songs below and then go to their website for some more music and videos.

Remix Walk The Night

I love technology, gadgets and any geeky activity almost as much I love music. Therefore, I cannot help myself trying any web that offers the possibility of discovering, sharing music and even playing with ones and zeros to create something new. Earlier this week I stumbled upon the burn Studios web, which,  allows creating some DIY electronic music with the audiotool and then upload it to the web forever. It’s quite fun to play around with web based synths, dubstep templates and plenty of other tools and effect. However I will not dare to share the results. Not yet.
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