Monthly Archives: May 2012

Minttu & Olli – Chimney Sweeper

This is so lovely. Minttu and Olli met one summer, fell in love and start making sweet pop music together. It’s sort of a Nordic version of She & Him, which happens to be the couple’s most immediate reference. After a few months of homebrewing great songs, Minttu & Olli are taking the stage to perform shows consisting of duo singing, wild melodica solos and cheery folkish beats.


Music Alliance Pact – May 2012

While a big part of the Finnish population is looking at the ice hockey championship this month, a new MAP post brings the best new music around the world. This month All Will Be Quiet represent Finland with an instrumental off their recently released concept album On The First Day.

As usual you can download all the songs in one go or listen to them individually.

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Big Wave Riders – Waiting In The Wings

This is the song of the day in the blogosphere. After releasing a successful digital-only EP last year, new music by Big Wave Riders are finally hitting the internet waves in the form of Waiting In The Wings, the first single off their debut album which will be release later this summer. It is two and a half minutes of modern day surf pop. Put your sunglasses on, summer is now.

Black Lizard – Forever Gold

Black Lizard is one of those bands in the Finnish underground scene that deserves to be much more popular that it is now. It’s hard to find much information about them, but a SoundCloud page showcases a bunch of pretty good songs. It’s slow paced noise rock with eerie vocals and a bit of psychedelia. Hopefully there will be much more music coming from the Black Lizard soon.