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The Splits – Don’t Fear

Noisy, dirty, blatant, rough. The Splits are an effective crossover between the 1973 Stooges and The Runaways with power pop, doom and hardcore influnces. These four young girls from Helsinki will show off their garage and punk manners at the Kuudes Aisti festival. After singing with German label P. Trash Records, the band is ready to break through.


Tiiu Helinä – Susi

If you happen to be in Helsinki this weekend, you should certainly check Kuudes Aisti festival and discover the most daring music, innovative and underground music done in Finland nowadays. During this week, I will post some of the artist playing at a festival which covers anything but easy-listening. Electronic music, punk, psychedelia, garage and even dubstep and jazz sounds will be heard.

Known by her work with the band Clouds, but developing a solo career of her own, Tiiu Helinä effectively combines folk and electronica, the natural and the artificial. She’s a modern day songwriter who delivers strong Finnish lyrics and groovy electronic beats.

TV OFF – Religion

On the previous post I said that the song L.O.V.E. was the first taster of TV OFF‘s upcoming new album. I lied. Some weeks ago, the duo had released the first single and video off The Writing on the Wall. So here it goes, another terrific video by TV OFF.


My favourite electro-pop duo TV OFF released a fantastic new video for their song L.O.V.E. This is the first taster from their forthcoming second album The Writing on the Wall, which promises to bring a pop hybrid sound with influences from UK bass music, indie pop and house. The album will hit the stores on 31 August.

Below there is the official video of the song recorded live with the full band.

TV OFF – L.O.V.E. (Live) – Music video from TV OFF on Vimeo.

The Casbah – Flowers

The Casbah is a Finnish band recorded in Berlin, mastered in London and with a video done by Tokyo based artist VJ Spike Bloom. The result of this international effort is a four-song EP, which has an irresistable 60’s psychedelic pop flavour. Listen to the whole EP on SoundCloud and enjoy the video below.