Monthly Archives: September 2012

Burning Hearts – Modern Times

Burning Hearts’ album Extinctions┬áhas collected rave reviews over the last few months. Do you wonder why? Watch the band’s new video and you will understand that pop can’t get much nicer than this. It has an intense melody, a groovy beat and it even gets away mixing English and Spanish lyrics. The video has been directed by fashion designer/film director Paola Suhonen.

Statues Made Of Matchsticks – Morning Sun

The peculiar band name comes straight from an old Bob Dylan lyric and musically this trio goes all the way back to the time before Dylan went electric. Statues Made Of Matchsticks’ formula is as easy as an acoustic guitar, a gentle banjo touch and beautiful female vocals. This is the type of music you want to listen at the break of day after a night at the summer cottage.