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Greymouth – Flying Bird

It may not be as rough and crude as Dock Boggs but I love the fact that one more band in Finland is using banjo. That band is Greymouth, which is formed by three boys and two girls that shared the love for acoustic sounds, folkie sounds and Fleet Foxes. Recently, Greymouth spent some time in the studio and came out with a new track. Once again, this new song features Elisa Husu’s fantastic vocal performance and it surprises with a dreamy guitar solo.

Murmansk – Mercury

You may know that Murmansk is a port city in Northern Russia by the Barents Sea. But Murmansk is also an alternative rock band from Helsinki and its music feels like picturing how a Soviet port city looked like a few years back. The band’s loud noise rock is powerful, dark, almost oppressive. Murmansk’s new album, Rüütli, is a strong release that brings these qualities along with energetic melodies and diverse songwriting.

Rüütli is a great in-your-face album with a great powerful sound. New rock albums should always sound this strong. Watch below the video for the first single.

Music Alliance Pact – November 2012

Happy 50!

This is the 50th edition of the Music Alliance Pact post and it comes with many exclusive tracks from 40 different countries/bands/blogs. This time I selected the Finnish representative among all the songs participating in Glue’s competition. I received some cool songs so a big thanks goes to all the participants. It was hard to choose only one, but the winner is:

Statues Made Of Matchsticks

Folk trio Statues Made Of Matchsticks sent a great new song recorded just a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy this and the other 39 songs.

To put MAP in perspective, let’s remember that Jason, of The Pop Cop in Scotland, started this collaborative project in October 2008 and since then, artists from nearly 40 different countries have shared a total of more than 1 500 songs, which have been distributed through the participating blogs across the globe. Many more songs are yet to come, as usual, on the 15th of each month.

But enough said. Go ahead and enjoy these 40 fantastic songs.

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22-Pistepirkko – Let The Romeo Weep

Here’s a blast from the past. In 1999, 22-Pistepirkko (arguably the best pop band to come out of Finland) recorded the soundtrack to Downhill City, a Finnish feature film by Hannu Salonen, telling the story of contrasting characters in today’s Berlin. For the occasion the band rework some old songs venturing into new territories like electronica. This is the case of Let The Romeo Weep, which features Hanoi Rocks guitar hero Andy McCoy on flamenco guitar.

You can now download the whole album for the price of a pint of beer from Bandcamp in your preferred digital format.

Ochre Room – My Summer

Recently I have found a bunch of Finnish bands that are embracing the acoustic sounds of folk and roots music. There’s Skip Zone, Minttu & Olli, Statues Made of Matchsticks and now Ochre Room. Each of them has a particular approach to music, but all of them mantain a laid back, uncompromised attitude. While Helsinki might not be the Village, there is certainly a nice folk scene going on.

Ochre Room have just released their debut album Evening Coming In, in which they showcase a melancholic beauty. The video of My Summer puts this into fitting images.