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Best albums of 2012

This is not an objective list. By no means.

Keep on reading and hear Finland’s best music in 2012.

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NEØV – Morning Fire

After several years on the road, a few recordings and a couple of line up changes, NEØV (formerly known as Neufvoin) are ready to break through after joining the Fullsteam Records roster earlier in the year. Morning Fire is the promising first taste of the band’s new album Orange Morning, which will hit the stores in February. Indeed, this song feels like a sunrise, playing with crescendos and suprising instrumentation, like if the band would be composing the soundtrack its own rebirth.

Them Bird Things – Pachyderm Nightmare

Last August Them Bird Things offered the first taste of their new album and they discovered who killed Robert Johnson. Now the band has a new single and it features multi-instrumentalist Arttu Tolonen on an old National Duolian guitar. It seems that the renewed Them Bird Things are evoking the Mississippi Delta spirits and their third full-length, scheduled for early January, will be a full psych-blues affair.

Apart of Tolonen’s old blues licks, the album’s title track Pachyderm Nightmare features a surprising modern beat, rounded with Salla Day’s psychedelic vocal performance. AFter two best-of-year releases, Them Bird Things keep on keep on exploring and reinventing traditional American music.