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Stockers! – When The Clocks Stop You

Stockers! is a four-piece indie band set to break through in 2013. Last year the band released a fantastic debut, in which you can find the song below. This is the opening track and starts the album with a bang: bright fast guitars, uplifting rhythms and a final one minute epic coda with the right amount of “wow-oooh” phrasing. A truly catchy tune. By the way, at the end of last year a bunch of journalists and bloggers selected Stockers! as one of the most promising Finnish acts in 2013 as presented by national radio YLEX and music magazine Rumba. So, expect to hear and read much more about them in the coming months.

XXXXHAWK – Kuudes Aisti mix

Noise maker and sound selector XXXXHAWK has done a cool mix to put soundtrack to the no less cool video of Kuudes Aisti festival shot by photographer Jussi Hellsten. The mix includes music by many of the performers at the festival including, Kurt Vile, Tiiu Helinä, Godshifter and KXP, among others. The summer festival season cannot come soon enough.

Music Alliance Pact – January 2013

Happy 2013!New year, new music. Here’s the first edition of the Music Alliance Pact in 2013 and it comes loaded with 35 new songs from all around the world. This month the funky sounds of The Fundamics represent Finland with an groovy instrumental track from their upcoming album.

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Them Bird Things – Pachyderm Nightmares (album)

Do pachyderms have nightmares? Maybe they do. But not even in their worst dreams, any of them would think of being sentenced to death by hanging from a railroad crane. This is what happened to an elephant named Mary in the town of Erwin, Tennessee in 1916, and this bizarre story serves as inspiration for the title track of the new album by Them Bird Things, called Pachyderm Nightmares.

Pachyderm Nightmares is also the opening song and sets the mood for an album of death and sorrow, but also darkly humorous. This is an album that talks about mass murdering, lung transplants, sexual abuse and the death of bluesman Robert Johnson.

This album is the natural evolution for the band. With twelve new original compositions, the album leaves behind the songbook of 60s heroes Steve Blodgett and Mike Brassard With this album and it fully embraces the folk, country and blues sounds already explored on the band’s second album, Wildlike Wonder. There are many intimate moments, where the instrumentation is scarce and mainly acoustic, but there are also upbeat rocking tunes. It is the duality, tears and laughs, acoustic and electric, what marks the theme of the album.

Once again the songs are carefully crafted. Every lyric has a story and every note is placed in the right moment. Even though, the traditional American sounds are at the heart of Them Bird Things music, the arrangements are original and fresh, hinting hiphop beats or just going wild with Irish rhythms. And on top of that, singer Salla Day delivers another astonishing performance. She may whisper the lyrics or she may sing them with punk ferocity, but her voice remains unique, educated in honky tonks and blues joints.

For those who know the band, this third release by Them Bird Things might not be as surprising as the previous ones, but it is another keeper. The band has fully evolved, finding its sound, style and songs. We can only hope that a follow-up to Pachyderm Nightmares will come soon.

Sans Parade – The Last Song is a Love Song

The last song might be a love song, but this is not the last song. It is the opening track of Sans Parade debut album, and it is a grand opening too. Clocking in over six minutes, this track is an epic pop song of cinematic textures, orchestral instrumentation and a myriad of electronic and acoustic instruments. The whole record is said to be a continuous piece, so be ready for a grandiose experience. It will hit the stores on 15 February.

Paperfangs – Bathe In Glory

Here’s a new song by electronic pop trio Paperfangs, from their upcoming debut album Past Perfect. After last year’s cassette/download EP AAVVAV, there was some anticipation about what Paperfangs would come up with for their first full-length. Bathe in Glory is the first taste from Past Perfect and it underlines the dreamy mood of the band with a charming and pleasant beat. In Paperfangs’ own words, the Past Perfect is a concept album about layers and stories that will open up differently to everyone. Listen below and find out the first story.

Past Perfect will be out on 22 February and it will be the first release on the Soliti label in 2013.