Monthly Archives: February 2013

Haywalkers – The Snake / Crazy

It’s that ’56 sound. Haywalkers hail from Helsinki, but their sound takes you directly to a tiny recording studio at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. The spirit of Sun Records is present in the band’s debut single, which pairs a surf-inspired instrumental The Snake with the stomping two-and-a-half minutes of Crazy.


Kiki Pau – Tomte Mars

Kiki Pau are appearing at the the Foodstock festival this weekend in Helsinki, playing one of their first shows after the release of their new album Pines. This is enough reason to post a new song from this fantastic record, which is a serious contender for record of the year. Opening song Tomte Mars is an extended psychedelic jam with some Deadhead-inspired vocal harmonies.

Foodstock is one of a kind festival, which combines live music with the delicacies prepared by master chefs Antto Melasniemi, Stefan Eriksson and Jonathan Rotherham. Have your , lunch, brunch, dinner and late night snacks while enjoying the music of Moonface, DJ Fitz, Sean Nicolas Savage, Eric Copeland, Michael Rother & Camera and, of course, Kiki Pau.

The Glass Mountain – The Grey

From the deepest of the Finnish indie nation (that is Helsinki neighborhood Kallio) comes one-man electronic band The Glass Mountain. The man behind it, Mika Mäkilaakso, has already released the first three home recordings, which combine guitars, old fashioned synths and pleasant pop melodies to create a weird retro futuristic feeling. More songs and live gigs are expected later in the year.

Anni Mattila – Where I belong

Anni Mattila, or just Anni, has been working hard on her debut EP and now you can hear the first taste of it below. Such a great work is really paying off as Where I belong is beautifully arranged and performed song. It is like Norah Jones without the yawns, and with a Scandinavian pop twist. Starting with playful jazzy piano notes backed by a solid acoustic bass, the song incorporates a string quartet while Anni delivers an impressive pop vocal performance. But it’s in the final coda, when the song reaches its climax, where you can really appreciate all the passion and effort poured into this recording.

The EP Water Lilies is to be release on 13 February, just on time for Valentine’s Day gift.

Kiki Pau – Pines

I have no idea what rockers Kiki Pau took while recording their third album, but whatever it was, it had the best effect. In Pines the indie sounds and the pop song structures of previous releases are gone and the band has created a unique sonic universe, based on spaced-out jams, dreamy and psychedelic folk sounds. The album is just four songs nearing or above the ten minute mark, but do not fear their length. The songs flow wonderfully creating an intense trip through these free-form sonic landscapes. Mostly instrumental, Pines finds a link between early Grateful Dead and Meddle era Pink Floyd. The song Astronauttija, which ends side A, stars with a beautiful folk vibe and harmony vocals and then it turns into an epic guitar jam.

Pines hit the stores this week with a special release in beautiful green vinyl published by New York based label Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records. This has brought some attention from big American media, which you can find here, here and here.

Bydwellers – You’ll Never See Me Again

Hard rock bands like Bydwellers seem to have gone out of fashion a few years back when indie took over the world. Fortunately there are still artists willing to deliver some high energy rock’n roll, and that is pretty much what Bydwellers do on their first single: a fast in-your-face hard rock song. If you like You’ll Never See Me Again, you can download it from the band’s website for the small price of an email address.

Death Hawks – Humanoids

The cosmic, psych, retro, kraut hard rock of Death Hawks started to take control a little over one year ago when the band release its debut album. Now it’s time for the big invasion with the release of a new single and video that will make you aware of the humanoids taking control. Big riffs, upfront bass, muddy soudn and a chorus inspired by Queens of the Stone Age. Watch the video and see these hyper strong humanoids get ready for the invasion.