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Eva On The Western Castle Island – Shaolin Punk

The lovely net-label EardrumsPop has just released the debut EP by the no less lovely indie pop band Eva On The Western Castle Island. Eva is a young Malaysian girl who lived in the city of Johor Bahru and used to sing in karaoke booths and night markets before moving to the forests of Finland and joining an indie group. Thanks to this cross-culture combination the band has created an original sound with an irresistible bubblegum pop sensibility, enhanced by Eva’s sweet vocals.

Like any other EardrumsPop release, The Wong Way EP is available as a free download and it features beautiful artwork.

Encore: Them Bird Things

Encore #2 - Them Bird Things

The second issue of Encore is now available and it is dedicated to one of my favourite Finnish bands, Them Bird Things. After three albums, they continue being a superb blending of blues, country and folk and recording timeless songs. A truly unique band. Probably no other band in Finland does anything similar. In this interview, singer Salla Day tells you some of the secrets behind the band’s latest full length, Pachyderm Nightmares.

Encore #2 also features contributions by producer Will Shade, who highlights the value of a good lyric, and Peter Krogholm from All Scandinavian.

You can read this issue online or download it.



Black Lizard – Love Is A Lie

Psych, hypnotic, raw, fuzz, proto-punk, noise, primitive… Those are the words being used to talk about Black Lizard music, the latest outfit to come out of the Soliti factory. After recording sessions last year in Helsinki and in Berlin, the quartet will be releasing their self-titled debut on 5 April. Having listened to it several times in the past few days, I am still captivated by its peculiar and exciting sound. It is strong and straightforward, yet subtle and atmospheric, like listening to The Velvet Underground after three days of no sleep.

You can stream/download the first single below.

Max Lilja – I Sound My Sound

As a founding member of Apocalyptica, Max Lilja shook the heavy metal world playing Metallica covers with a string quartet at Sibelius Academy and then selling millions internationally with the album Plays Metallica by Four Cellos. Since quitting Apocalyptica in 2001, Lilja’s cello has served metal artists like Hevein and Tarja Turunen. Now Max Lilja goes solo and changes the headbanging for the dance floor with the album Plays Electronica By One Cello. As the title clearly explains, it includes ten songs of instrumental electronica performed by Max Lilja on electrified and acoustic cellos. I Sound My Sound is the first single of an album that will hit the stores in April.

23:23 – Redheads

Some time ago, Delay Trees singer Rami Vierula started doing some home recordings and publishing them under the moniker 23:23. These collections of guitar-based lo-fi songs recreate tranquil, dreamy atmospheres with some ventures into noise and distortion.

Rami has just released a third 23:23 full-length album, Torero, and with it his side project is taking a huge step forward. Compared to the previous offerings, Torero shows a little more focus on the songs and a bit less noise and electronic sounds, while the nocturnal atmosphere remains. Rather than just a collection of small home recordings, Torero really works as a full album, moving from the noisy rockers All of My Heart and Bands! to the pop melodies of Above Magic and Zombie, and to eerie instrumentals like Coma Vibration or the title track.

Redheads is the opening track of Torero and it will surely capture your attention with its I really like redheads mantra.

The three 23:23 albums are available for streaming at Bandcamp. Listen to them and download them for a small fee.