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NEØV – Daydream City

Earlier this year Neøv released the excellent album Orange Morning and now the band presents a video for Daydream City, a song which frontman Anssi Neuvonen describes as “inspired by Brian Eno and Diogenes of Sinope, it is a song about a place which is only momentarily reachable”. Directed by Teemu Niukkanen, the video perfectly captures the dreamy and eerie vibe of the song and transforms its meaning into a surreal personal and unexpected climax.


Suomireggae – Jukka Poika

Believe it or not, reggae in Finnish does exist, and it is pretty popular too. Jukka Poika is the biggest star and last year he had a great run after the release of Yhdestä Puusta. Last summer he even got performed at Flow Festival for the hipster crowd. They guys over Gaming Club help us taking another look at Jukka Poika.

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Death Hawks – Blind Daughter of Death

Tampere psych-rockers Death Hawks have a new song and it shows the band’s folkiest side with spiritual, dark acoustic sounds (and plenty of organ). Blind Daughter of Death will be included on the Death Hawks’ second album, scheduled for a September release through GAEA Records. The press release promises that the new album will be “a stream of consciousness where intoxicating shamanistic rhythm meets cool, minimal saxophone, raw guitar shredding and intriguing, elegant keyboard patterns”. It can’t get much more attractive than that.

Skip Zone – The Road and the River

A few months ago, I heard folk-rockers Skip Zone perform The Road and the River during a gig and it was impossible not to love its simple, yet upbeat melody and irresistible chorus. Therefore I am very glad the band chose to record this song for Luomustudio and they did it in an acoustic and intimate setting (no drums this time, but great piano work). Check out the video and enjoy the heartfelt performance.

Kuudes Aisti Festival – top picks

This weekend is Kuudes Aisti festival in Helsinki, a one of a kind city festival with old and new artists you might not have not heard before. Hosted around the industrial blocks in the Sörnäinen district, the festival offers a line-up of forgotten underground bands, cult heroes, ugly punk bands, garage rockers, indie pop hipsters and fancy DJs spinning records until the wee hours. You may not know the names, you may not be able to enter into some of the crowded indoor venues, but anyways, at Kuudes Aisti you will sure find and intense and revealing musical experience. Yay!

Apart of some better known international bands (Mission of Burma, Chelsea Lights Moving, Savages), many Finnish bands will take the stage and offer new sounds. Here are my top picks.

Hero Dishonest
A hardcore punch. One minute songs and pogo dance.

Part folk, part psych rock. Space-out atmospheres and Black Sabbath riffs. Read the Encore interview with frontman Mat McNerney.

First Times
Sweet power pop with a rock and roll attitude. There is not better music for a Saturday night.

The Spoonshiners
Good old fashioned garage rock. It goes well with a beer and a shot of whisky.

Mr Peter Hayden
Muscular, loud and top quality prog rock. Earplugs might be handy.

Kakkahätä 77
Melodic punk rock in Finnish straight out the sewer. It’s that simple.

Crystal Clears
Because not everything at Kuudes Aisti is guitar riffs and guttural singing, Crystal Clear offer some smooth electro pop to chill out.

Photo by Jussi Hellsten.