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Tragic Van – Paper Thin

Tragic Van

From a very early age, singer songwriter Henri Seger has been composing and performing, but only now he is releasing a debut three-song single. With the moniker of Tragic Van (a never-ending lifetime project), he is releasing some sweet indie-folk that he simply describes a finamericana. Check out the songs below for some acoustic guitars, banjo sounds and heartfelt vocals.

Beastmilk – Void Mother

On the heels of two excellent albums with Hexvessel, Helsinki-based Englishman Mat “Kvohst” McNerney has a new project, Beastmilk, which is defined as apocalyptic post-punk. Or in different words as if The Cure and Joy Divison would have signed for the Vertigo label in 1971. There are psyched guitars and a very, very obscure sound. Check out below the first single off Beastmilk’s debut full-length Climax, released via Svart Records.

Listen: Robin Pahlman EP


After relocating to Vienna, Finnish songwriter Robin Pahlman has been working on a series of acoustic, folk, heartfelt home recordings which now form his debut self-titled EP released by Berlin-based label Monkey Records.

While Pahlman tours Europe supporting the EP release, you can stream below this beautiful collection of songs. If you like them songs (and you should), go to iTunes and download the EP for just the price of cafe latte in Helsinki.

Music Alliance Pact – November 2013

Believe it or not, the Music Alliance Pact has been spreading new music around the world for 60 consecutive months, and this month is the 61st edition. This means five consecutive years and hundred of songs. Did you know that Mumford & Sons, The xx, Ólafur Arnalds, Sleigh Bells, Toro Y Moi and Phoenix were feature on MAP early in their careers? Let’s toast for the next 60 month of the world’s best mixtape.

This month experimental rock band Ritual Smoker represents Finland.

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Astrid Swan – Four Months To Kill

A couple of weeks ago, Astrid Swan released her fifth album, titled Astrid4, where she returns to her own songwriting, and she does it in a superb manner. After flirting with guitar based brit-pop (Better Than Wages) and releasing a surprising synthpop album of Pavement covers (Hits – Pavement for Girls), on Astrid4 we find again the piano centric songs and the grandiose arrangements that made Astrid popular early in her career.

If you didn’t download the first single when it came out, here’s a chance of watching the video directed by media artist and documentary filmmaker, Timo Wright.

Anni – Sneakers

Earlier this year, songstress Anni released Sneakers as part of her debut Water Lilies EP, but she just premiered the music video for it. Recorded in the Turku archipelago by director Juuso Räsänen during summer, november is the right time to see this video as now it feels like a very welcomed ray of sunshine that will brighten the darkest time of the year. As enchanting as a summer bonfire, this flawlessly produced song stands out by the simplicity of its lyrics and soulful melody. A little piano-based pop gem, cute as electric blue sneakers.

This video also marks a turning point for the artist as she closes the chapter of her first EP and readies to release new music. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, Anni has recorded more songs and will release an EP next January. Stay tuned.

Delay Trees – Perfect Heartache

Delay Trees 2013

Almost five years ago, an EP with the most suggestive artwork hit my mailbox. It was composed by old photographs of a round trip somewhere in the countryside, like movie stills. On the cover, a young woman was behind the wheel of an old seventies car. The band was Delay Trees and the music, like the photographs was dreamy and cinematic. At that time, it was a band in progress, without a label, self-produced, with stage fright, shy of interviews. But the music was too beautiful to be left unheard, and luckily it wasn’t. Like the woman on the photograph, Delay Trees have traveled and become a strong, self-confident band, happily established in the indie scene and with the support of the Soliti label.

Five years later, here’s the first single of the band’s third full length album, which will be released in January 2014. The music retains the band’s usual dream pop melody and the beautiful melancholy, but now the guitars, like the whole band, are more decisive and tougher. Another song, another mile.

Ochre Room – Garbage Trucks Are on the Move

Folk rockers Ochre Room release an outstanding debut album back in 2012, in which they explored Americana sounds with a touch of traditional Finnish melancholy. The sixth-piece band is already preparing a follow-up scheduled for a spring 2014 release. The video below is the first taste of that album and the band seems to travel to Nashville to pick up a sweet country melody.