Monthly Archives: December 2013

Top 10 Finnish albums of the year 2013

The year comes to an end today and it is time to present the mandatory best albums list. There’s been plenty of good music hitting constantly my mailbox, but while going through my favourite 2013 Finnish albums, I realised that I listened to strong guitars this year and so the list reflects. As usual, it was painful to leave out some albums as it has been another great year of music from Finland. Thanks to all the artists for that.

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Stereo 8000 – Magnet

Anssi 8000 and Maria Stereo are a very peculiar couple. Part artists, part musicians, now they are making music together as Stereo 8000 (evident right?). Self described as punk rock couple moderni from Sahalahti, there’s not much experimentation here, just a two and a half minutes garage rock song.

Check out below the video that Maria Stereo has done for Magnet, the first taste of the couple’s upcoming album to be released early next year via Bone Voyage Recordings.