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MMVK – The Marching Song

Maria Korkeila describes herself as an aspiring fashion designer from Finland, who loves to explore the world of aesthetics using different types of media as a means for self-expression. Music is one of those media and using the moniker MMVK, she has published her first song, The Marching Song. This is a very gentle tune based on soft electronica, a marching (of course) beat and enchanting dreamy vocals. I am really looking forward to hearing what else will MMVK bring in the future.

Max Lilja – I Sound My Sound

As a founding member of Apocalyptica, Max Lilja shook the heavy metal world playing Metallica covers with a string quartet at Sibelius Academy and then selling millions internationally with the album Plays Metallica by Four Cellos. Since quitting Apocalyptica in 2001, Lilja’s cello has served metal artists like Hevein and Tarja Turunen. Now Max Lilja goes solo and changes the headbanging for the dance floor with the album Plays Electronica By One Cello. As the title clearly explains, it includes ten songs of instrumental electronica performed by Max Lilja on electrified and acoustic cellos. I Sound My Sound is the first single of an album that will hit the stores in April.

Paperfangs – Bathe In Glory

Here’s a new song by electronic pop trio Paperfangs, from their upcoming debut album Past Perfect. After last year’s cassette/download EP AAVVAV, there was some anticipation about what Paperfangs would come up with for their first full-length. Bathe in Glory is the first taste from Past Perfect and it underlines the dreamy mood of the band with a charming and pleasant beat. In Paperfangs’ own words, the Past Perfect is a concept album about layers and stories that will open up differently to everyone. Listen below and find out the first story.

Past Perfect will be out on 22 February and it will be the first release on the Soliti label in 2013.

Phantom – Kisses

The Guardian’s music blog shared some nice words about electro pop, post-indie duo Phantom and also premiered the duo’s new song, Kisses. It’s a combination of a jazzy vocal performance, whispers and creepy beats. According to the British paper, the song even features a sample by Erik Satie’s Gymnopédie No 1. The business plan of these two self-defined music tech-startup entrepreneurs is on the right track to make Phantom one of the most talked Finnish acts this year. We said it first, the next big thing out of Helsinki.

22-Pistepirkko – Let The Romeo Weep

Here’s a blast from the past. In 1999, 22-Pistepirkko (arguably the best pop band to come out of Finland) recorded the soundtrack to Downhill City, a Finnish feature film by Hannu Salonen, telling the story of contrasting characters in today’s Berlin. For the occasion the band rework some old songs venturing into new territories like electronica. This is the case of Let The Romeo Weep, which features Hanoi Rocks guitar hero Andy McCoy on flamenco guitar.

You can now download the whole album for the price of a pint of beer from Bandcamp in your preferred digital format.


SIN COS TAN is the new project of producer Jori Hulkkonen and Villa Nah’s Juho Paalosmaa to deliver some synth bits and electro beats. The duo had its live debut at the past Flow festival, but it is quicly becoming one of Finland’s most promising acts.

Trust is the first single and video off SIN COS TAN’s debut album, which will hit digital and analogue outlets in late November.

Quick guide to Flow festival

Flow Festival starts now! It is the largest summer festival dedicated to cutting edge indie, summer loving pop and blistering electronic music. It gathers hipsters, latte drinkers, Pitchfork readers and  Apple Nokia fanboys during four days of music, dance and Instagram instants.

Apart from the crowd pleasing international acts (Bon Iver, The Black Keys, Feist and Björk, among many others), Flow festival is a great opportunity to catch some of the most interesting Finnish acts. Insteading of following the crowds, checking out the smaller stages might reward you with surprising new music.

These are Glue’s do-not-miss Finnish artists at Flow festival 2012.

Joose Keskitalo ja Kolmas Maailmanpallo

Opening for Bon Iver on Wednesday, Joose Keskitalo is a very peculiar songwriter, who goes a step beyond the traditional Finnish pop music . Even if you do not understand the lyrics, you may find some surprising twists in his songs.


Come early on Saturday and enjoy Miau’s foolish garage rock with cute melodies. It’s all fun and will get start the Saturday party.

Black Twig

Raised in the Soliti label factory, Black Twig will bring some loud guitars and noise. High quality distorted rhythm music.


Aku Raski is one of the most reputed electronic music producers and Huoratron is his best known project. Intense and aggressive, his set will take your energy.

Atlético Kumpula

These gentle Finnish folk pop will ease your hangover on Sunday. It’s elegant and well crafted.


A few months ago this electro duo made some noise with the song Scars. If your feed don’t fail you yet, you may have a last dance to Phantom’s beats.