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Mikko Joensuu – Land of Darkness

Back in 2008, Mikko Joensuu release a superb psychedelic/shoegaze album as part of the trio Joensuu 1685, but unfortunately such an album did not have a much awaited follow-up. Instead he pursued a solo career, offering solo performances in some major festivals. Finally, Mikko Joensuu is releasing a new music in the form of a vinyl/download only EP. Check out below the video for the song Land of Darkness, which in over seven minutes summarises the very interesting musical world of Mikko Joensuu.


Black Twig – Pastel Blue

Black TwigBlack twig, pastel blue… It is strangely poetic but this is Black Twig‘s new single from their upcoming new album Heliogram. The song itself also strikes balance between the sweet, bright, almost dreamy melody and the fast, raging, almost psych, guitars (listen at 2:07). Simply it rocks, play loud.

Need a Valentine’s gift? Heliogram will be released on 14 February.

Stereo 8000 – Magnet

Anssi 8000 and Maria Stereo are a very peculiar couple. Part artists, part musicians, now they are making music together as Stereo 8000 (evident right?). Self described as punk rock couple moderni from Sahalahti, there’s not much experimentation here, just a two and a half minutes garage rock song.

Check out below the video that Maria Stereo has done for Magnet, the first taste of the couple’s upcoming album to be released early next year via Bone Voyage Recordings.

Tragic Van – Paper Thin

Tragic Van

From a very early age, singer songwriter Henri Seger has been composing and performing, but only now he is releasing a debut three-song single. With the moniker of Tragic Van (a never-ending lifetime project), he is releasing some sweet indie-folk that he simply describes a finamericana. Check out the songs below for some acoustic guitars, banjo sounds and heartfelt vocals.

NEØV – Daydream City

Earlier this year Neøv released the excellent album Orange Morning and now the band presents a video for Daydream City, a song which frontman Anssi Neuvonen describes as “inspired by Brian Eno and Diogenes of Sinope, it is a song about a place which is only momentarily reachable”. Directed by Teemu Niukkanen, the video perfectly captures the dreamy and eerie vibe of the song and transforms its meaning into a surreal personal and unexpected climax.

The Kobra Kicks – Krokodil

From the west coast of Finland, in Turku, The Kobra Kicks deliver a playful summer song as the first taste off an upcoming debut album. Krokodil is a guitar driven indie rock song with high energy and lo-fi vocals, attractive enough to make you dance. Influenced by The Libertines, Joy Division and Interpol, it will be interesting to see what the band will offer in the next months.

The Saturnettes – Someway

When he is not playing classic 60s rock and roll with the band Volter (and releasing one of my favourites albums last year), singer-songwriter Jani Tuovinen (aka Jann Wilde) uses the moniker The Saturnettes to make some new wave, synth-pop music. Back in 2011, The Saturnettes released a very fun debut album and now Jani and the band return with a new video, which is the first taste of a follow-up album to be release sometime during this year.

The Lieblings – It’s All Gonna Fall

Come August power pop band The Lieblings will release their debut album Take Us To Your Leader on the always interesting label GAEA Records. The first single just hit the net and if it is any indication of what the album contains, we are in for a party-dance-sign-along-bubblegum-pop treat with fuzz on top. This new song comes with a video in which you may recognise the faces (and butts) of friends and relatives in the Finnish pop scene, all of them singing and dancing to the rhythm of this delicious two-minute pop song.