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chILL – Madluck

Metalheads chILL are offering the download of a couple of new songs as an advance of their second album to be released later this year.  The promo single In Your Spine features imaginative and diverse rhythms, with a variety of vocals and tones on top of a wall of guitars. It is modern metal with the necessary hooks to raise your attention.

HIM – Heartkiller

The prince of love metal, Ville Valo, and his band HIM have a new album ready to be released in one week. We have not been able to listen to Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice yet, but we are quiet intrigued about this musical essay on love that deals with solitude, death and happiness. Following the album release, the band will tour all around the world starting in Australia in a few weeks and continuing during the spring in Europe and the United States. In the mean time, you are just one click away of seeing the video for Heartkiller, the first single off the album. Continue reading

Medeia – Antichristmas


Christmas, time of friendship, time of peace, time to love or… Medeia. The death metal band has recorded its own Christmas carol and has send it to the Internet in the form of another of a video in the usual Medeia style. It might not be as classy as Bob Dylan, but nevertheless it is a fun way to celebrate this time of the year. Also after seeing the video, one might get new ideas for the Christmas dinner. Watch and enjoy this fairy tale!
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Swallow the Sun – …And Heavens Cried Blood

Swallow the Sun‘New Moon’, the fourth album by Swallow the Sun, can easily be considered one of the most outstanding metal albums of the year, and it confirms the band as one of the best of its kind around nowadays. In a little bit over 53 minutes, the Jyväskylä band develops eight long pieces (the shortest of them is above five minutes), based on a murky, but melodic doom metal. It is slow and minimalistic music, rough, but beautiful with the harsh vocals by Mikko Kotamäki responded occasionally by soft female whispers. Even though, this album might be a continuation of the previous works by Swallow the Sun, the songwriting is strong and it really shines on the longest tracks, which create very different atmospheres and textures. ‘New Moon’, which is released this week in the UK and in the USA, also results very easily accessible and so it serves well as an introductory piece to the current tendencies in this genre.

[audio:|titles=…And Heavens Cried Blood|artists=Swallow the Sun]

Children of Bodom – Lookin’ Out My Back Door

With career that already spans six studio albums, at the age of 30 Children of Bodom lead guitarist and vocalist Alexi Laiho is on his way to become a metal god as he is praised around the as an original composer and talented guitarist. In the meantime, the band just recently released the compilation ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, consisting of old and new cover songs that perhaps should not be taken too seriously and fills the void until the new band’s album drops in. While some of the covers are expected, say Slayer (Silent Scream), Sepultura (Mass Hypnosis), some others are just surprising, say Ramones (Somebody Put Something On My Drink), or plain weird, like Kenny Rogers’ Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In and Britney Spears’ Oops! I Did It Again. Also a version of CCR’s Lookin’ Out My Back Door could be an odd choice for a single, but on the other hand, who has ever written better singles than John Fogerty. Can you say banjo in a metal song? Judge yourself.

The 69 Eyes – Dead Girls Are Easy

We haven’t posted much hard rock and metal lately, but sure there are plenty of tough bands to choose in Finland, so let’s see a video by one of the most popular ones. At the moment, they are touring extensively North America, but before that, The 69 Eyes went to LA to record their 10th album and the California sun must have made some good as the band has put aside a bit (but not all) of their goth rock stamp in favor of some Jack Daniel’s-flavoured Sunset Strip hard rock. Yes, there’s a lot of Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe in “Back in Blood” and as the video shows there are also girls, girls, girls, black eyeliner, leather and vampires.

The 69 Eyes tour Finland

The 69 Eyes - Back In BloodWe know that The 69 Eyes have many hardcore fans all around and some of them are waiting to come to Finland to see the band. Those fans can start making some travel plans because the tour dates have been released. The hard rock band will tour Finland for three weeks during the darkest time of the year in November and December. Two warm-up shows will take place in the end of September in Eastern Finland. Continue reading

Lows and highs at Provinssirock

provinssirock_ristoLast Saturday I went a couple of hours up North to attend Provinssirock in Seinäjoki, a rather small city in Southern Ostrobothnia that during three days doubles its population and welcomes the parade of festivals goers. Those who have followed my posts in ALLSCANDINAVIAN are already aware that the line-up this year was not my favourite and I was not very thrilled by Saturday’s headliners Manowar, although it was the kings of metal first appearance in Finland in seven years, so a good number of metalheads showed up in Seinäjoki.

Escaping the masses near the main stage, I could focus on the smaller bands, and sure there were plenty of Finnish bands drawing my attention. Early on Rubik, one of my favourites, opened the big tent’s programme on Saturday. Unfortunately, I missed the first 15 minutes because the the media check-in was taken to a new location, one kilometer from the festival’s entrance and it took me a while to find it. My arrival to the festival was not very smooth but once I had my wristband, I rushed to the big tent, where a nice crowd was following Rubik’s show. This is a very ambitious band and does not hesitate to bring horn players, layers of synthesizers and a bunch of weird instruments to reproduce the complex textures of the songs. Still, the band is very tight and every note fells into place, not mattering if the song explores calm psychedelia -think The Flaming Lips-, or turn into a sonic boom -think The Mars Volta. Continue reading

Three days of peace, love and metal

sauna2009_3During last Saturday’s performance, the singer of Hammerfall said that it was the coldest sauna he had ever been, and indeed, this year’s Sauna Open Air festival in Tampere was marked by weather conditions that drifted from cold and rain on Friday to a sunny picnic day on Sunday. But despite bad weather, metalheads and sleazy rockers gathered early in order to see Amorphis, that opened the big stage on Friday. The Finnish metal band presented “Skyforger”, a concept album released a couple of weeks ago that has already received some rave reviews. This melodic death metal inspired by the epic of Finnish legend Kalevala was a remarkable way to start the festival. Continue reading