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Mikko Joensuu – Land of Darkness

Back in 2008, Mikko Joensuu release a superb psychedelic/shoegaze album as part of the trio Joensuu 1685, but unfortunately such an album did not have a much awaited follow-up. Instead he pursued a solo career, offering solo performances in some major festivals. Finally, Mikko Joensuu is releasing a new music in the form of a vinyl/download only EP. Check out below the video for the song Land of Darkness, which in over seven minutes summarises the very interesting musical world of Mikko Joensuu.

Bypassers – EP

Four-piece band Bypassers is originally from Tampere, but its members recently moved to the UK, where they clearly feel like home as self-declared fans of Richard Ashcroft, Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr. Early in the year, Bypassers released an EP, in which you will four good songs that could have been release in 1994 thanks to the combination of loud guitars and pop melodies.

Black Twig – Pastel Blue

Black TwigBlack twig, pastel blue… It is strangely poetic but this is Black Twig‘s new single from their upcoming new album Heliogram. The song itself also strikes balance between the sweet, bright, almost dreamy melody and the fast, raging, almost psych, guitars (listen at 2:07). Simply it rocks, play loud.

Need a Valentine’s gift? Heliogram will be released on 14 February.

Stereo 8000 – Magnet

Anssi 8000 and Maria Stereo are a very peculiar couple. Part artists, part musicians, now they are making music together as Stereo 8000 (evident right?). Self described as punk rock couple moderni from Sahalahti, there’s not much experimentation here, just a two and a half minutes garage rock song.

Check out below the video that Maria Stereo has done for Magnet, the first taste of the couple’s upcoming album to be released early next year via Bone Voyage Recordings.

Beastmilk – Void Mother

On the heels of two excellent albums with Hexvessel, Helsinki-based Englishman Mat “Kvohst” McNerney has a new project, Beastmilk, which is defined as apocalyptic post-punk. Or in different words as if The Cure and Joy Divison would have signed for the Vertigo label in 1971. There are psyched guitars and a very, very obscure sound. Check out below the first single off Beastmilk’s debut full-length Climax, released via Svart Records.

Delay Trees – Perfect Heartache

Delay Trees 2013

Almost five years ago, an EP with the most suggestive artwork hit my mailbox. It was composed by old photographs of a round trip somewhere in the countryside, like movie stills. On the cover, a young woman was behind the wheel of an old seventies car. The band was Delay Trees and the music, like the photographs was dreamy and cinematic. At that time, it was a band in progress, without a label, self-produced, with stage fright, shy of interviews. But the music was too beautiful to be left unheard, and luckily it wasn’t. Like the woman on the photograph, Delay Trees have traveled and become a strong, self-confident band, happily established in the indie scene and with the support of the Soliti label.

Five years later, here’s the first single of the band’s third full length album, which will be released in January 2014. The music retains the band’s usual dream pop melody and the beautiful melancholy, but now the guitars, like the whole band, are more decisive and tougher. Another song, another mile.

The Country Dark – Buttplug

Without any sophistication, The Country Dark play trash country-rock and address real life problems in songs like Don’t Want To Come Too Soon, Cock Teasing Chick and Wank Alone. All those are included in the band’s new album, Dead Man’s Handjob, a collection of eleven short tracks, much profanity and The Cramps inspired rhythms. Here’s the opening track Buttplug.

Death Hawks – Blind Daughter of Death

Tampere psych-rockers Death Hawks have a new song and it shows the band’s folkiest side with spiritual, dark acoustic sounds (and plenty of organ). Blind Daughter of Death will be included on the Death Hawks’ second album, scheduled for a September release through GAEA Records. The press release promises that the new album will be “a stream of consciousness where intoxicating shamanistic rhythm meets cool, minimal saxophone, raw guitar shredding and intriguing, elegant keyboard patterns”. It can’t get much more attractive than that.

Skip Zone – The Road and the River

A few months ago, I heard folk-rockers Skip Zone perform The Road and the River during a gig and it was impossible not to love its simple, yet upbeat melody and irresistible chorus. Therefore I am very glad the band chose to record this song for Luomustudio and they did it in an acoustic and intimate setting (no drums this time, but great piano work). Check out the video and enjoy the heartfelt performance.