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The top albums of 2009

Happy 2010, dear readers!

We are back online after the Christmas break and before we resume our regular program of songs, videos, interviews and the most diverse features, let us take one last look to 2009 with the inevitable Best of 2009 list. There are some good records this year and it is remarkable to notice that most of the albums on the lists are debut releases. There is definitively something going on in Finland.
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The Best of 2010

The Wrecking QueensThis time of the year we usually squeeze our brains trying to remember and list the best albums, artists and songs of the year, but because everyone will have his or her own favorites, I’ll look ahead instead and tell you what will be in my player next year. Some of them will probably be in my best of 2010 list.
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Lost In Music 2009

Lost in MusicIf you want to hear Finnish music, you must come to Tampere in October and get lost in music. Over 80 artists will perform on 12 different venues during the four days that the Lost In Music showcasing music festival lasts. Celebrated at the same time as the industry gathering Music & Media, in Tampere you will find it all: famous artists, newcomers, metal, pop, electronica, rock… there is not a better way to take a glimpse at the current Finnish popular music, from Abduktio to Zebra & Snake. The list of artists and bands for this year’s even has just been released while the full programme and the ticket sales will follow shortly.

Lost In Music takes places on 21 October to 24 October. More information and programme at the festival’s website.

Musex distributes touring grants

The Ministry of Education, through Music Export Finland (Musex), has announced a new round of tour support grants for Finnish bands and artists. A total of 150,000 euros was distributed among 15 bands in order to support future international tours. These grants have been given yearly since 2007 and the total amount increased this year from 100,000 euros to 150,000 and they are given to artists that have received significant touring offers abroad. The decision is done by Musex board. Music Export Finland is an export association that represents the Finnish music industry. Continue reading

Sensitivity, intelligence, courage

jorma-uotinen3Movement and art. For nearly forty years, dancer and choreographer Jorma Uotinen has used his body to create art, either in the form of dancing, singing or acting. Born in Pori in 1950, warm, extrovert, peculiar, Uotinen is one of the Finns with the most international success and recognition.

Having just arrived from Budapest where he premiered a new production of his piece Piaf Piaf, Uotinen accepted to have dinner with Agenda. Over a traditional salmon soup at Café Engel, in the heart of Helsinki, Jorma spoke about his career and reflected on the art of dancing.

Starting in 1970 as a dancer of the Finnish National Ballet, Uotinen’s career is so extensive that it is difficult to know where to begin. In 1976, he moved to Paris to be part of Carolyn Carlson’s group at the Theatre de l’Opera. That stay gave him a charming French accent that adorns his talk with spontaneous voilà and très bien. In the ‘80s Uotinen achieved international recognition with revolutionary solo performances. In the late part of his career he has embraced new challenges – he started a singing career, approached a wide audience by lending his voice to Skinner, in the Finnish version of the animated film Ratatouille and was a referee in several episodes of the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. Continue reading

Exporting Finnish music

export2If there is something in common between rock band HIM, accordion master Kimmo Pohjonen and Eurovision champion Lordi, it is the fact that all of them have achieved international success. Not only them. Finnish music travels abroad more often every day and it is not a rarity to see Finnish artists in the foreign charts and on stages. The latest available figures tell that the market value of Finnish music exports in 2006 was more than 26 million euros.

Since 2002, Music Export Finland (Musex) is the association that represents the Finnish popular music industry abroad. It stands for musicians, record producers, publishers and copyright societies. Musex Director Paulina Ahokas has become the visible face of Finnish music industry. She firmly leads the efforts to market and export Finnish music in a better way. Last year, the festival Lost in Music showcased dozens of Finnish bands for the international audience attending to the music industry trade fair Music & Media in Tampere. During the event, Paulina Ahokas met Glue and chatted about the situation of Finnish music. Continue reading