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Mikko Joensuu – Land of Darkness

Back in 2008, Mikko Joensuu release a superb psychedelic/shoegaze album as part of the trio Joensuu 1685, but unfortunately such an album did not have a much awaited follow-up. Instead he pursued a solo career, offering solo performances in some major festivals. Finally, Mikko Joensuu is releasing a new music in the form of a vinyl/download only EP. Check out below the video for the song Land of Darkness, which in over seven minutes summarises the very interesting musical world of Mikko Joensuu.


MMVK – The Marching Song

Maria Korkeila describes herself as an aspiring fashion designer from Finland, who loves to explore the world of aesthetics using different types of media as a means for self-expression. Music is one of those media and using the moniker MMVK, she has published her first song, The Marching Song. This is a very gentle tune based on soft electronica, a marching (of course) beat and enchanting dreamy vocals. I am really looking forward to hearing what else will MMVK bring in the future.

The Lieblings – It’s All Gonna Fall

Come August power pop band The Lieblings will release their debut album Take Us To Your Leader on the always interesting label GAEA Records. The first single just hit the net and if it is any indication of what the album contains, we are in for a party-dance-sign-along-bubblegum-pop treat with fuzz on top. This new song comes with a video in which you may recognise the faces (and butts) of friends and relatives in the Finnish pop scene, all of them singing and dancing to the rhythm of this delicious two-minute pop song.

Phenomenal Creature – Songbird

Five-piece folk band Phenomenal Creature has recently released its debut album, a humble collection of acoustic songs rooted somewhere in the Finnish forests. The songs sound rustic with a very dark bluesy feeling enhanced by lead singer Joona Mäkelä distinct vocals, which are nicely accompanied by female harmonies. Songbird showcases a great pop melody, but the rest of the album is very diverse in its arrangements and rich in detail, from the sing-along chorus of opener Perfect Impressions to the primal rock of Petrified Forest. A very compelling debut.

Black Lizard – s/t

It’s been a little less than one year since I first heard about Black Lizard but it seems the band has already built up quite a reputation, first with an EP last September and then with some important shows such as opening for The Raveonettes earlier this year. Finally, the awaited debut album hit the stores last week. Is it as good as we expected, as good as the first reviews are saying? Short answer, yes, it is a great album and a remarkable debut.

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Haywalkers – The Snake / Crazy

It’s that ’56 sound. Haywalkers hail from Helsinki, but their sound takes you directly to a tiny recording studio at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. The spirit of Sun Records is present in the band’s debut single, which pairs a surf-inspired instrumental The Snake with the stomping two-and-a-half minutes of Crazy.


SIN COS TAN is the new project of producer Jori Hulkkonen and Villa Nah’s Juho Paalosmaa to deliver some synth bits and electro beats. The duo had its live debut at the past Flow festival, but it is quicly becoming one of Finland’s most promising acts.

Trust is the first single and video off SIN COS TAN’s debut album, which will hit digital and analogue outlets in late November.