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Los Culitos – Treinta Bajo Cero

High energy punk rock from Finland… in Spanish. Los Culitos are based in Helsinki, but singer Jonna Tolonen and her band mates believe Spanish is a better language for the band’s super fast, ass kicking, garage punk rock. Los Culitos have already released a couple of 7-inch and a new one is coming this year. Watch below the band’s latest video. It’s 90 seconds non-stop.


Bydwellers – You’ll Never See Me Again

Hard rock bands like Bydwellers seem to have gone out of fashion a few years back when indie took over the world. Fortunately there are still artists willing to deliver some high energy rock’n roll, and that is pretty much what Bydwellers do on their first single: a fast in-your-face hard rock song. If you like You’ll Never See Me Again, you can download it from the band’s website for the small price of an email address.