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Music Alliance Pact – February 2014

Halfway through February, it is time to listen to another collection of best new music from around the world. This month, indie rock band Bypassers represents Finland.

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Music Alliance Pact – January 2014

Welcome to the first edition of the Music Alliance Pact in 2014. You should know quite well by now, but this is a compilation of new tracks from all around the world: 27 songs, 27 countries, 27 blogs.

June’s Garden represents Finland this month.

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Music Alliance Pact – November 2013

Believe it or not, the Music Alliance Pact has been spreading new music around the world for 60 consecutive months, and this month is the 61st edition. This means five consecutive years and hundred of songs. Did you know that Mumford & Sons, The xx, Ólafur Arnalds, Sleigh Bells, Toro Y Moi and Phoenix were feature on MAP early in their careers? Let’s toast for the next 60 month of the world’s best mixtape.

This month experimental rock band Ritual Smoker represents Finland.

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Music Alliance Pact – October 2013

Fancy some punk rock in Finnish? Gim Kordon represent Finland in this month’s edition of the world’s greatest mixtape with a high-energy track, which may or may not be included in the band’s 2014 debut. Listen to this and 28 new tracks from 28 different countries brought to you by the Music Alliance Pact.

Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 29-track compilation through Ge.tt here.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie

JuaniDéjame Entrar

Juani’s involvement with music began during his teenage years and it hasn’t stopped since. Songwriter, singer, musician, producer, cultural manager… you name it. In between his multiple projects (one of them being involved with Rosario’s biggest independent label Planeta X), Juani managed to pull out a new solo album called La Paz Ciencia (a pun between the words “peace” and “science”), with songs that range from Argentine folk to pop and acoustic rock. Déjame Entrar is our favorite track but you can download the whole thing from the website.

[audio: http://map.zonaindie.com.ar/Juani-DejameEntrar(Argentina).mp3]

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?

White CavesI’ve Lost

White Caves is the new venture from Melbourne songwriter Darren Cordeux. The former Kisschasy frontman has completely left behind the acoustic teen psyche of 2006 for a much looser sound. I’ve Lost carves a completely uplifting vibe out of sombre song content. Thanks to some clear-cut production, soaring vocals and a vibe that sounds like MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden fronting a slacker-pop band, White Caves is lending a new dimension of fun to typical ‘pop-jams’ right here.

[audio: http://whothehell.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/03-Ive-Lost-1.mp3%5D

AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig

Amere MeanderSomething I Am Not

Three kindergarten friends form a band and make pop music. Viennese Amere Meander appeared out of nowhere with songs that are sometimes dreamy and sweet, sometimes mysterious and noisy, drawing inspiration from anything from shoegaze to Fleetwood Mac. Always catchy but never unpredictable, Something I Am Not is taken from their debut album To Lead Astray.

[audio: http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a0700994/map/2013/10/Amere%20Meander%20-%20Something%20I%20Am%20Not%20(Austria).mp3]

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado

Karol ConkaBoa Noite

Karol Conka, an artist on the rise in the Brazilian hip hop scene, caught the media’s attention with her first singles and this year she released her debut album. Boa Noite is one of its best tracks, with a strong beat and African vocal melodies. This song is also included in the FIFA 2014 game, alongside the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Portugal. The Man and Disclosure.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107378643/Karol%20Conka%20-%20Boa%20Noite%20%28Brazil%29.mp3%5D

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts

Twin LibraryThere’s Always An End

Edmonton, Alberta’s Twin Library are chemists, experimenting and tweaking the formula that results in their incredibly sophisticated and sonically rich songs. They are prolific recorders and their latest release, They Were Marked As Targets, is their finest collection of unconventional pop yet.

[audio: http://www.quickbeforeitmelts.com/music/MAP/Twin_Library_There%27s_Always_An_End_CANADA.mp3%5D

CHILE: Super 45

Bronko YotteBruma

After a three-year break, MC and producer Bronko Yotte (Felipe Berríos) gets back on track with a new album, Con Eso Te Digo Todo, released through Dilema Industria. On its 22 tracks, Bronko Yotte offers profound considerations about the system’s incongruities, social relations and working life, without losing his sharpness and sense of humor. Bruma features Jamez Manuel (Zonora Point).

[audio: http://map.super45.cl/map-2013-10/Bronko_Yotte_-_Bruma_-_Chile.mp3%5D

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo

La Chiva GantivaPara Arriba

The story of La Chiva Gantiva began in Brussels with a group of young Colombians who started playing percussion together. Driven by a desire to assert their roots, they started to blend Colombian rhythms with other styles of music such as rock, Afrobeat and funk. Today they are preparing their second album Vivo and we can enjoy, in advance, Para Arriba, a song about inspiration.

[audio: http://elparlanteamarillo.com/map/La%20Chiva%20Gantiva%20-%20Para%20Arriba%20(Colombia).mp3]

DENMARK: All Scandinavian

Charlie CampariBass Vampires

Music is good for much, but in the case of Charlie Campari it’s a lifesaver. It’s what keeps him off the needle and his first solo release, Moon Cricket EP, tackles his demons and past life on the streets of Copenhagen and several overdoses – three of them fatal – on a backdrop of acidic blues reminiscing Lou Reed, early Beck and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Check out MAP exclusive download Bass Vampires and the cool video for single Monkey King.

[audio: http://map.super45.cl/map-2013-10/Charlie_Campari_-_Bass_Vampires_-_Denmark.mp3%5D


Carolina CamachoNinfa De Las Aguas

Carolina Camacho’s voice is truly one of a kind, but she leaves nothing to chance. After many years of intense lyrical training, she’s been a part of various local musical acts such as SonAbril and Camacho. Recently she’s gone solo, dedicating herself to exploring the worlds of vocal jazz, roots music and feminine empowerment on her newest single Ninfa De Las Aguas. Her first album Atabey is out on October 16.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4040290/MAP/Carolina%20Camacho%20-%20Ninfa%20de%20las%20Aguas%20%28Dominican%20Republic%29.mp3%5D

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria

Mamá Soy DementeSalsa De Marte

Mamá Soy Demente, a Guayaquilean duo formed by Dennis Darquea and Carlos Bohórquez, present their new single Salsa De Marte. The track, which plays with the idea of making a rock song with salsa influence, is part of their live album Mamá Soy Demente (En Vivo).

[audio: https://archive.org/download/MamaSoyDementeSalsaDeMartes/Mama%20soy%20Demente%20-%20Salsa%20de%20Martes.mp3%5D

ENGLAND: Drowned In Sound

Annie EveElvis (Live at Sofar Birmingham)

Sometimes the ache drips down the side of a song. Annie Eve is from north London and has quietly begun building a fanbase. DiS recently saw this impressive young lady headline a sold-out church venue for those pulse-fingering folksters Communion Records. She takes a dab of influence from Bon Iver but casts her own shadow over these gentle sad-songs whilst her voice wows. If you fell under Daughter’s spell in 2012/13 then you’ll likely be obsessed with Annie Eve in 2014.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5942202/Elvis%20(Live%20at%20Sofar%20Birmingham).mp3]

ESTONIA: Rada7.ee

Imandra LakeMetsatants

Imandra Lake is the new project of Rein Fuks and Eve Komp of Tallinn band Pia Fraus, and follows a similar indie-shoegaze line but it’s all fresh and they sing in Estonian. Imandra Lake’s sound is noisy and reverberant but less pop and quite tranquil and deep, reaching even the boundaries of the darker side of folk. Metsatants is a new track from their forthcoming second album which continues the same warm sound.

[audio: http://map.rada7.ee/ImandraLake-Metsatants.mp3%5D


Gim KordonEi Ole Helppoo (early demo version)

If J Mascis knew Finnish he would probably sound like the guys in Gim Kordon. This punk-rock trio, the first Finnish-language signing to hip label Soliti, is readying a debut album for next spring. As a first taste here’s a raw and noisy early demo of Ei Ole Helppoo. The chorus is very catchy, so don’t fear the language and sing along.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3135709/glue/map/gim_kordon_ei_ole_helppoo_finland.mp3%5D

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda


Dalot is the creative alias of Maria Papadomanolaki. Ancestors EP, which was inspired by her grandfather’s old photographs, is a reconstruction of fragments, not concerned with the accuracy of images and moments but with opening up the flood of memory mechanics to imagination and transformation. The songs of the EP reveal a cascade of emotions and offer an exploration of texture and atmosphere, as physical instruments merge with subtle electro-acoustic ambience and ethereal turbulences. The haunting title track features Izumi Suzuki’s angelic vocals.

[audio: http://map.super45.cl/map-2013-10/Dalot_-_Ancestors_-_Greece.mp3%5D


HoirongBajrang Bali

Guitarist Kamal Singh of erstwhile Bangalore post-rock act Lounge Piranha has struck gold with his newest side-project Hoirong. His debut album, The Resurrection Of The Princess Of Woe And Her Vampire Hound Posse, is not only a mouthful of a title but a grungy, raw record recorded wholly on a laptop mic, spanning from disco-punk to noise-rock, with lo-fi production and a dark sense of humor. The album is Singh’s ode to the 90s alternative music scene and definitely wins over fans of dirtier, lo-fi music.

[audio: http://media.nh7.in/MAP/01%20Bajrang%20Bali.mp3%5D

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar

Puti ChitaraSarsaparilla Dream

Jakarta singer-songwriter Puti Chitara makes beautiful pop songs with sweet arrangements. She recently won a contest at A Exchange to support the recording of her debut album.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54623812/MAP/Puti-Chitara-Sarsaparilla-Dream-Indonesia.mp3%5D

ITALY: Polaroid

Green Like JulyMoving To The City

Produced by A.J. Mogis (Saddle Creek Records) and recorded in the Arc Studios in Omaha, Nebraska, Build A Fire is the third album by Green Like July. Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes and Jake Bellows of Neva Dinova, among others, collaborated on various songs. Green Like July have their roots in American tradition but they can evoke the magic of classic Beatles melodies.

[audio: http://www.polaroidallaradio.it/audio/green_like_july-moving_to_the_city.mp3%5D

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies

Hisamokuden-Kow.Our Song

Hisamokuden-Kow. calls the relatively relaxed prefecture of Tochigi, a few hours north of Tokyo, home. It is not a place one expects a busy track like Our Song to emerge from, all skittery beats and manipulated vocals tumbling over one another in an almost cartoon fashion. Yet despite how crowded it can get, it retains a catchiness throughout. Not bad, Tochigi.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20197641/Hisamokuden-kow%20-%20Our%20song%20(Japan).mp3]

MALTA: Stagedive Malta

FellowFishThe Outlaw

Hailing from Valletta, Lyon and New York, FellowFish find themselves on the tiny Mediterranean island of Gozo (Malta’s sister island). FellowFish is made up of lead singer and writer Keith Anthony, Christophe Ladret on percussion/drums and Kristian Vella on guitars. Their self-titled debut album, released earlier this year, has a mix of influences, ranging from Al Jarreau’s smooth groove to Jeff Buckley’s melancholic melodies.

[audio: http://www.stagedivemalta.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/FellowFish-The-Outlaw.mp3%5D

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika


Pop-folk flavoured with coconut milk, composed using flip-flops and lying on a hammock by the palm trees. Caloncho comes from the sun-drenched city of Guadalajara and is known for wearing flowery Hawaiian shirts on stage and throwing bananas to the front rows. His debut Fruta EP has some juicy, fruity tunes that combine a vintage Tex-Mex rock ‘n’ roll from the likes of Ritchie Valens but also squeezes a hint of reggae on the mix. Palmar, first single and video, is an invitation to lay by a topless brunette on a Mexican beach and sway oblivious from the real world.

[audio: http://panamerika.fm/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/CalonchoPalmar.mp3%5D


Víctor HugoLima Es Nuestra

After the separation of promising band Mi Jardín Secreto, singer Víctor Hugo Vargas began to release his own singles, preparing the way for the arrival of debut album El Primer Disco De Víctor Hugo, available for free from his website. Lima Es Nuestra is about a farewell and other reflections, narrated under the same nostalgic sky of the city where he lives, Lima.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17778857/V%C3%ADctor%20Hugo%20-%20Lima%20Es%20Nuestra%20%28Peru%29.mp3%5D

POLAND: ?ukasz Ku?mierz Weblog

We Draw ATears From The Sun

So here’s autumn again and it’s hard to imagine a better anthem for those days than Tears From The Sun. Although the electro-pop duo only appeared on the Polish scene this year, We Draw A founder Pete Levy is known from Indigo Tree, a guitar-oriented band who recorded two LPs and gathered some underground fame from 2009-2011. We Draw A are recording for the Brennnessel label.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92751456/We%20draw%20A%20-%20Tears%20From%20The%20Sun%20(Poland).mp3]

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?

Tape JunkNo Romance Without Finance

João Correia, an accomplished singer-songwriter, musician and also a drummer for friends’ bands, had his first entry in MAP in December 2011, but as Julie & The Carjackers. This time he visits us with another project, Tape Junk, who recently released debut album The Good & The Mean, where No Romance Without Finance comes from. The song is backed with this vídeo.

[audio: http://map.super45.cl/map-2013-10/Tape_Junk_-_No_Romance_Without%20Finance_-_Portugal.mp3%5D

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie


Bando is a new collaborative effort between veteran musicians of Puerto Rico’s rock scene, including Agustín Criollo (Astrid Pröll) and Gaby Vidal (ONGO, Similar), focussed on exploring the music of the African diaspora through the classic and revolutionary Afrobeat sound. The group follows Fela Kuti into fertile territories for musical exploration such as bomba and Afro-American funk, inviting us to lose ourselves in dance without shying away from political lyrics that reflect the island’s struggles. Bando are currently recording their debut, and have graciously offered us eight-minute scorcher Serembé as a MAP exclusive download.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/476245/Music/MAP/Bando%20-%20Serembe%20-%20%28Puerto%20Rico%29.mp3%5D

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise

Fine It’s PinkSky Is No Limit (Intro)

Fine It’s Pink are new to the music scene but they are growing up fast. Although you can’t put a finger on one genre, you can clearly hear post-rock, indie, electronic and strong psychedelic influences. Sky Is No Limit is their statement song, the one that takes you into their world of dreams. You can hear more of this world on SoundCloud.

[audio: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xf5xm2p5bnuryn/Fine%20It%27s%20Pink%20-%20Sky%20Is%20No%20Limit%20%28Intro%29%20%28Romania%29.mp3%5D


There Will Be FireworksRoots

If anyone could be held up as a glowing example of the ‘less is more’ approach it’s There Will Be Fireworks. Four long years after the release of their acclaimed self-titled debut album, Scotland’s reclusive princes of guitar-rock reverie have finally announced details of its successor, The Dark, Dark Bright, out on November 25 through Comets & Cartwheels. The album finds the group in a masterful embrace of the grandiose and the graceful – MAP exclusive download Roots falls into the latter category as the tenderest of tender acoustic compositions.

[audio: http://thepopcop.co.uk/music/There-Will-Be-Fireworks-Roots.mp3%5D

SOUTH KOREA: Korean Indie

TearlinerStrange Intimacy

The mid-00s offered Korean indie-pop at its very finest with Tearliner as one of the key artists. Eight years after his first full-length, Tearliner returned with the Grey Garden album last month showcasing a more polished sound than the lo-fi productions he would previously offer. Strange Intimacy is a pretty, slow-paced, dreamy piece perfectly combining the best of both the old and new Tearliner.

[audio: http://map.super45.cl/map-2013-10/Tearliner_-_Strange_Intimacy_-_South_Korea.mp3%5D

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You

Jared BartmanGarden Gate

Jared Bartman crafts majestic songs that twist pop elements around a sensitive core stabilized by occasional adventurous flourishes. Bartman’s music can act as a backdrop for a smooth listen or something to be studied with the headphones fastened tight. Either way, Bartman is a must-listen for everyone.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49281612/Jared%20Bartman%20-%20Garden%20Gate%20%28USA%29.mp3%5D

VENEZUELA: Música y Más

Laura GuevaraEl Constructor (live)

Laura Guevara is a young woman who has everything – she is a singer, songwriter, artist, actress and audiovisual director, besides having a melodious voice that impressed attendees of last year’s Virgen Fest. She currently has a live EP out while she puts the finishing touches to her debut album.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1278121/Laura%20Guevara%20-%20El%20Constructor%20(Venezuela).mp3]

Music Alliance Pact – September 2013

Welcome to a new edition of the world’s greatest mixtape. This month indie band Maglevs represents Finland with the song Van Rijn

Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 29-track compilation through Ge.tt here.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie


Fernando Floxon and Alejandro Torres are the cosmic rockers behind Travesti, a band whose music is often associated with transgression and misunderstanding, with songs that are dense, powerful and provocative. Their lyrics, always clever, rough, usually offer a certain social criticism. Beduino is our favorite from Suicidio Latino, their fourth studio album.

[audio: http://map.zonaindie.com.ar/Travesti-Beduino(Argentina).mp3]

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?


The general assumption that tormented bed friends make better musicians most of the time is true – right? In respectable ‘dream-pop duo’ tradition, we hope these two are. Architecture is timeless pop right from the first off-beat. The track is set with slingback hooks, dreamy vocals and a fledging groove that sounds too much like Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek doing a cover of Men At Work’s Land Down Under for anyone to ignore.

[audio: http://whothehell.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Manor-Architecture.mp3%5D

AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig

Beach Girls And The MonsterI Go Surfing

This band draws their inspiration from American surf rock of the 1960s. Accordingly, their rendition of The Beach Boys’ Kokomo suits them so very well, not only because of the obvious band name correlation, but also because it blends perfectly into their own sounds. The aptly titled I Go Surfing is the first song of their four-track 7″ EP of the same name that was released earlier this year.

[audio: http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a0700994/map/2013/09/Beach%20Girls%20And%20The%20Monster%20-%20I%20Go%20Surfing%20(Austria).mp3]

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado

A Fase RosaCasa

Música Popular Brasileira meets alternative rock at its best. This four-piece band is one to keep our eyes and ears on.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107378643/a%20fase%20rosa%20-%20casa%20%28brazil%29.mp3%5D

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts

The Provincial ArchiveCommon Cards

Back in 2011, Edmonton, Alberta’s The Provincial Archives made Canadian music touring history by being the first band to actually play live in each Canadian province’s actual archive; 10 shows billed as The Provincial Archive LIVE at the Provincial Archive. Common Cards marks their recorded music return, and is the first taste of music from their forthcoming third LP.

[audio: http://www.quickbeforeitmelts.com/music/MAP/The_Provincial_Archive_Common_Cards_CANADA.mp3%5D

CHILE: Super 45


After eight years of silence, Otoño are back with their psychedelic guitar-rock. Their atmospheric, drowsy sound grows every second until it explodes in a whirlwind of white noise, a perfect landscape for their gloomy, self-reflective lyrics. Scheider is taken from the quartet’s Páramos EP, released via LeRockPsicophonique.

[audio: http://map.super45.cl/map-2013-09/Otono_-_Scheider_-_Chile.mp3%5D

CHINA: Wooozy

Worldwide Collaboration CompanyCrying Launer Remix (feat Chairman Ba & MC Stone)

Nobody knows who the people behind World Collaboration Company are, but anyone in China who listens to them will find something familiar. WCC mash up cross-talk recordings, TV series samples, Chinese propaganda songs as well as rock and hip hop, and put an overwhelmingly sarcastic touch to it. While some criticize WCC’s sound collage approach as being too lighthearted, others can argue WCC are simply one of China’s best and most clever sample players. Love them or hate them, one thing you can’t deny is WCC reflect the true pop landscape of modern China.

[audio: http://www.wooozy.cn/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/World-Collaboration-Company-Crying-Launer-Remix-China.mp3%5D

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo

MULAA. Grisales

With much pride we present MULA, a kind of supergroup formed by Santiago Botero and Mange Valencia. Armed with saxophones, bass, drums and guitars, they effortlessly incorporate anything from punk to jazz to champeta – they don’t recognize genres, but sounds. It’s a very particular and special view that takes form in the track A. Grisales, inspired by Colombian TV’s first diva, Amparo Grisales.

[audio: http://elparlanteamarillo.com/map/MULA%20-%20A%20Grisales%20(cancion%20del%20afro-beat)%20(Colombia).mp3]

DENMARK: All Scandinavian

SPEkTRThe Infirm

Three years on from their second album Personetics, SPEkTR release The Door Is Paint On A Rock EP on September 23. Frontman Manoj Ramdas (also The Raveonettes, The Good The Bad) calls it Soundtrack’n’Roll and there’s no good reason to argue with that description. Here’s the awesome EP’s first single, The Infirm, which also comes with this video.

[audio: http://mapallscan.s3.amazonaws.com/SPEkTR_-_The_Infirm_Denmark.mp3%5D


MediopickyLa Ola (feat Cristabel Acevedo)

Urban-alternative sensation Mediopicky pairs up with Cristabel, one of the twins from the folk duo Las Acevedo, to make a sweet, summery track. La Ola, from Mediopicky’s upcoming EP Cantinas, features moombahton beats specially made for Cristabel’s tender voice, conveying that feeling of saying goodbye to the last days of summer.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4040290/MAP/Mediopicky%20ft.%20Cristabel%20%28From%20Las%20Acevedo%29%20-%20La%20Ola%20%28Dominican%20Republic%29.mp3%5D

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria

Rima Roja En VenusBendición De Ser Mujer

The impressive female rap of Rima Roja En Venus shows the strength of the fight against discrimination and violence. These two women use music and poetry to express social criticism with a positive message. Bendición De Ser Mujer is taken from their 2012 album Libre Albedrio. You can see the video here.

[audio: https://ia601003.us.archive.org/15/items/RimaRojaEnVenusBendicionDeSerMujer/Rima%20Roja%20en%20Venus%20-%20Bendicion%20de%20ser%20mujer.mp3%5D

ENGLAND: Drowned In Sound


From movie soundtracks to Japanese arena shows to a US tour with The Cure, this electronic outfit from Sheffield have had one hell of a career since forming back in 2001. The cult heroes’ fifth album Wild Light is out this month, and finds the band continuing on their mission to retro-fit the future. Mixing together a myriad of glitches and orchestral sounds they’ve created yet more of their signature brew of complex but hearty digital delights.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5942202/02%20Prisms.mp3%5D

ESTONIA: Rada7.ee

Thou Shell Of DeathThe Night-Wind

This strongly ambient-influenced black metal band is majestically atmospheric, with mesmerizing live shows. Thou Shell Of Death has played all over the Europe, sharing stages with well-known and underground acts (Strid, Negura Bunget, Vesania, Altar Of Plagues, etc). The Night-Wind is from their new album Sepulchral Silence, released this month by Austrian label Talheim Records.

[audio: http://map.rada7.ee/Thou%20Shell%20of%20Death%20-%20The%20Night-Wind%20-%20MAP-2013-08%20-%20Estonia.mp3%5D


MaglevsVan Rijn

Indie band Maglevs play organic dream pop with strong dynamics that might draw comparisons with Okkervil River. They have just released a debut EP that you can hear and download on SoundCloud.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3135709/glue/map/maglevs_van_rijn_finland.mp3%5D


BlentCafe Coffee Tale_Bummer

Blent is the music project of Bangalore-based Aniket, a game designer by profession and an experimental electronic music producer seemingly by way of hobby. Blent has just released his first formal set of tracks that became the Dusk EP, available for free download from Bandcamp. Blent’s music lends itself to the experimental genre but can be best described as The Postal Service meets Four Tet, coming together with the staccato pace of the garden city of Bangalore.

[audio: http://media.nh7.in/media/Blent-CafeCoffeeTale_Bummer.mp3%5D

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar

BikiniesDance Floor Mafia

All girls, all fun, all wild on stage. Influenced by the 90s alternative scene with distortion and yelling, Bikinies offer one of the rawest sounds in Jakarta.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69396787/BIKINIES%20-%20Dance%20Floor%20Mafia%20-%20Indonesia.mp3%5D

ITALY: Polaroid

His ClancynessZenith Diamond

His Clancyness, once a solo project for A Classic Education’s Jonathan Clancy, now a full band, deliver an intense and psychedelic, sometimes dreamy, sometimes fuzzy sound inspired by the likes of Deerhunter, Kurt Vile and Lower Dens. Amazing new single Zenith Diamond is taken from Vicious, one of the most important Italian rock albums of the year, which gets a UK/US release on October 7/8 through FatCat Records.

[audio: http://www.polaroidallaradio.it/audio/His_Clancyness_-_Zenith_Diamond.mp3%5D

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies

CosmosmanUnique Fun Fiction

It has gotten to the point in the Kansai region of Japan – made up of cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe – where new electronic artists pop up nearly daily. It takes a lot to jump out from that crowded scene, but Kobe outfit Cosmosman do just that with Unique Fun Fiction. It is a playful number with an Enchanted Tiki Room vibe, but made even better by the unsettling nature of the vocals. It comes from the stellar Ananga Ranga album, available via the link above.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20197641/Cosmosman%20-%20Unique%20Fun%20Fiction%20(Japan).mp3]

MALTA: Stagedive Malta

Alex AldenJust Like You

Alex Alden takes every opportunity to play live and share her lyrics and poetry through song. Having performed extensively in various venues around the islands, she is now relocating to Holland for the next few years. Alden’s music is heavily influenced by blues, pop and classic rock, and draws inspiration from jazz whilst exploring the trials and tribulations of young adulthood, often using the themes of nature, mythology and childhood to communicate her message. Earlier this year she released her debut EP The Curious Child.

[audio: http://www.stagedivemalta.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/02-Just-Like-You.mp3%5D

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika

Mood-FuPerros De Fu

Mood-Fu, formed by two brothers from southern Mexico City, have released their first album after a very successful introductory EP. Filled with bass, soul and R’n’B flavors set to angular lyrics and enjoyable rhymes, Perros De Fu is a powerful portrait of the city’s nightlife with a little bit of social critique and urban apocalypse. The release features various friends and stars from the Mexican indie music scene.

[audio: http://panamerika.fm/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/01-Perros-de-Fu.mp3%5D


Iván FajardoMe Voy Dejando

Iván Fajardo is a musical icon in Peru, his musical independence reflected in bands such as Indigo and Era. It is displayed once again in his first solo album, Vímana, the highest point of his career. This new beginning has 10 songs full of mythology, nostalgia and melancholy. In Hindu mythology Vímana is a flying machine and the album promises to be a space trip.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17778857/Iv%C3%A1n%20Fajardo%20-%20Me%20Voy%20Dejando%20%28Peru%29.mp3%5D

POLAND: ?ukasz Ku?mierz Weblog

Furia FutrzakówNoc Wystarczy? Ma Na D?u?ej

Four years after releasing their self-titled debut LP, Warsaw electro-pop duo Furia Futrzaków are back. They have moments when they sound like Junior Boys, as you can hear in Noc Wystarczy? Ma Na D?u?ej, a single from Kalejdoskop EP, but things are a little bit different here. Soulful vocals, lyrics about mainly happy (but difficult) love and a warm coating are Kinga Mi?kiewicz and Andrzej Pieszak’s own contribution.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92751456/Furia%20Futrzakow%20-%20Noc%20wystarczyc%20ma%20na%20dluzej%20(Poland).mp3]

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?

Nome ComumCuco

Nome Comum (“Common Name”) are a quartet led by two siblings, Bernardo and Madalena Palmeirim. Both are writers, players and singers in the band. Cuco, which is also the name of their debut album released this month, is their first single. It has a video directed by Gonçalo Soares.

[audio: http://map.super45.cl/map-2013-09/Nome_Comum_-_Cuco_-_Portugal.mp3%5D

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie


Gardy Pérez began experimenting with an analog tape recorder back in 1995, a direct response to the cancellation of MTV’s seminal Alternative Nation. Trying to channel all the energy of the shoegaze movement he had been exposed to through television, Pérez founded Un.Real, becoming one of the great emerging bands from Puerto Rico’s west coast underground scene. An extended hiatus and various line-up changes later, Un.Real is back and revitalized in their new EP, Épico. The song Piloto showcases the dreamy soundscapes Un.Real is so adept at while adding guest vocals by Xavier Rodríguez of local band Indigo.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/476245/Music/MAP/Un.Real%20-%20Piloto%20-%20%28Puerto%20Rico%29.mp3%5D

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise

PoetripA?a Ceva

Described as a mixture of krautrock and Japanese psychedelia, Poetrip is a band who became popular by promoting their music as a dadaist manifesto. They make use of pop clichés to convey attention to absurd and often psychedelic musical contexts.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5808267/other%20music/Poetrip%20-%20Asa%20ceva%20(Romania).mp3]


Blood RelativesFowl Mouth

Formerly known as Kitty The Lion (featured in the Music Alliance Pact’s October 2012 edition), Blood Relatives create upbeat folk-pop songs of a peerless quality, wrapping irresistible hooks around the unique talents of Anna Meldrum, whose lyrics are peppered with wordplay, double entrendres and puns, with particular fondness for animal-related content. Case in point is MAP exclusive download Fowl Mouth, the opening track of debut album Deerheart, whose release on October 28 through

Comets & Cartwheels can’t come soon enough. While you wait, check out the videos for album tracks Dead Hip and Deerheart.

[audio: http://thepopcop.co.uk/music/Blood-Relatives-Fowl-Mouth.mp3%5D

SOUTH KOREA: Korean Indie

Square The CircleBitchquito

Rock band Square The Circle has a fondness for uptempo tunes that give them a chance to show their colors. They’ve been around for a couple of years and released their 1003 EP in August. Bitchquito is a song with great energy, telling the story of a girl that sucks blood like a mosquito.

[audio: http://map.super45.cl/map-2013-09/Square_The_Circle_-_Bitchquito_-_South_Korea.mp3%5D

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You


Brooklyn’s Wharfer is the musical project of Kyle Wall. Wall complements his gentle and emotional backing music with commanding vocals that cut through the speakers with one intention: to make the listener feel every word. With every subtle artistic choice, Wall is simply defining himself as a songwriter with the intelligence to back up his raw talent.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49281612/Wharfer%20-%20Architect%20%28USA%29.mp3%5D

VENEZUELA: Música y Más

Da ViandaNómada

In late 2012, and after nearly a year as a band, Da Vianda recorded their first EP, which contains six songs written by these four young boys from Puerto La Cruz. “Our goal is to have fun and create honest music,” they say. Their self-titled EP can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

[audio: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1278121/Da%20Vianda%20-%20%20Nomada%20(Venezuela).mp3]

Music Alliance Pact – May 2013

Welcome, sunshine! Finland has awakened after many months of cold, rain and snow so it’s time to enjoy a cool drink outdoors while listening to a new edition of the world’s greatest mixtape. This month it carries 36 new songs from each corner of the world. The haunting folk of Phenomenal Creature represents Finland with a song off their great new album.

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