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The Glass Mountain – The Grey

From the deepest of the Finnish indie nation (that is Helsinki neighborhood Kallio) comes one-man electronic band The Glass Mountain. The man behind it, Mika Mäkilaakso, has already released the first three home recordings, which combine guitars, old fashioned synths and pleasant pop melodies to create a weird retro futuristic feeling. More songs and live gigs are expected later in the year.


Sans Parade – The Last Song is a Love Song

The last song might be a love song, but this is not the last song. It is the opening track of Sans Parade debut album, and it is a grand opening too. Clocking in over six minutes, this track is an epic pop song of cinematic textures, orchestral instrumentation and a myriad of electronic and acoustic instruments. The whole record is said to be a continuous piece, so be ready for a grandiose experience. It will hit the stores on 15 February.

Paperfangs – Bathe In Glory

Here’s a new song by electronic pop trio Paperfangs, from their upcoming debut album Past Perfect. After last year’s cassette/download EP AAVVAV, there was some anticipation about what Paperfangs would come up with for their first full-length. Bathe in Glory is the first taste from Past Perfect and it underlines the dreamy mood of the band with a charming and pleasant beat. In Paperfangs’ own words, the Past Perfect is a concept album about layers and stories that will open up differently to everyone. Listen below and find out the first story.

Past Perfect will be out on 22 February and it will be the first release on the Soliti label in 2013.

22-Pistepirkko – Let The Romeo Weep

Here’s a blast from the past. In 1999, 22-Pistepirkko (arguably the best pop band to come out of Finland) recorded the soundtrack to Downhill City, a Finnish feature film by Hannu Salonen, telling the story of contrasting characters in today’s Berlin. For the occasion the band rework some old songs venturing into new territories like electronica. This is the case of Let The Romeo Weep, which features Hanoi Rocks guitar hero Andy McCoy on flamenco guitar.

You can now download the whole album for the price of a pint of beer from Bandcamp in your preferred digital format.

Idiomatic – Lost Together

Tampere band Idiomatic has a new album called New Terrain, where the five-piece group showcases its melodic pop rock. Clocking under three minutes, Lost Together is the perfect introduction to the band as the bright and sharp guitar riffs combined with the anthemic chorus bring the best of the band. However, the whole album shows a wider array of sounds, from cinematic acoustic atmospheres to Smiths inspired vocals.

Burning Hearts – Modern Times

Burning Hearts’ album Extinctions has collected rave reviews over the last few months. Do you wonder why? Watch the band’s new video and you will understand that pop can’t get much nicer than this. It has an intense melody, a groovy beat and it even gets away mixing English and Spanish lyrics. The video has been directed by fashion designer/film director Paola Suhonen.