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Black Twig – Pastel Blue

Black TwigBlack twig, pastel blue… It is strangely poetic but this is Black Twig‘s new single from their upcoming new album Heliogram. The song itself also strikes balance between the sweet, bright, almost dreamy melody and the fast, raging, almost psych, guitars (listen at 2:07). Simply it rocks, play loud.

Need a Valentine’s gift? Heliogram will be released on 14 February.

Death Hawks – Blind Daughter of Death

Tampere psych-rockers Death Hawks have a new song and it shows the band’s folkiest side with spiritual, dark acoustic sounds (and plenty of organ). Blind Daughter of Death will be included on the Death Hawks’ second album, scheduled for a September release through GAEA Records. The press release promises that the new album will be “a stream of consciousness where intoxicating shamanistic rhythm meets cool, minimal saxophone, raw guitar shredding and intriguing, elegant keyboard patterns”. It can’t get much more attractive than that.

Black Lizard – s/t

It’s been a little less than one year since I first heard about Black Lizard but it seems the band has already built up quite a reputation, first with an EP last September and then with some important shows such as opening for The Raveonettes earlier this year. Finally, the awaited debut album hit the stores last week. Is it as good as we expected, as good as the first reviews are saying? Short answer, yes, it is a great album and a remarkable debut.

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Black Lizard – Love Is A Lie

Psych, hypnotic, raw, fuzz, proto-punk, noise, primitive… Those are the words being used to talk about Black Lizard music, the latest outfit to come out of the Soliti factory. After recording sessions last year in Helsinki and in Berlin, the quartet will be releasing their self-titled debut on 5 April. Having listened to it several times in the past few days, I am still captivated by its peculiar and exciting sound. It is strong and straightforward, yet subtle and atmospheric, like listening to The Velvet Underground after three days of no sleep.

You can stream/download the first single below.

Kiki Pau – Pines

I have no idea what rockers Kiki Pau took while recording their third album, but whatever it was, it had the best effect. In Pines the indie sounds and the pop song structures of previous releases are gone and the band has created a unique sonic universe, based on spaced-out jams, dreamy and psychedelic folk sounds. The album is just four songs nearing or above the ten minute mark, but do not fear their length. The songs flow wonderfully creating an intense trip through these free-form sonic landscapes. Mostly instrumental, Pines finds a link between early Grateful Dead and Meddle era Pink Floyd. The song Astronauttija, which ends side A, stars with a beautiful folk vibe and harmony vocals and then it turns into an epic guitar jam.

Pines hit the stores this week with a special release in beautiful green vinyl published by New York based label Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records. This has brought some attention from big American media, which you can find here, here and here.