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Mikko Joensuu – Land of Darkness

Back in 2008, Mikko Joensuu release a superb psychedelic/shoegaze album as part of the trio Joensuu 1685, but unfortunately such an album did not have a much awaited follow-up. Instead he pursued a solo career, offering solo performances in some major festivals. Finally, Mikko Joensuu is releasing a new music in the form of a vinyl/download only EP. Check out below the video for the song Land of Darkness, which in over seven minutes summarises the very interesting musical world of Mikko Joensuu.

Max Lilja – I Sound My Sound

As a founding member of Apocalyptica, Max Lilja shook the heavy metal world playing Metallica covers with a string quartet at Sibelius Academy and then selling millions internationally with the album Plays Metallica by Four Cellos. Since quitting Apocalyptica in 2001, Lilja’s cello has served metal artists like Hevein and Tarja Turunen. Now Max Lilja goes solo and changes the headbanging for the dance floor with the album Plays Electronica By One Cello. As the title clearly explains, it includes ten songs of instrumental electronica performed by Max Lilja on electrified and acoustic cellos. I Sound My Sound is the first single of an album that will hit the stores in April.