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Stereo 8000 – Magnet

Anssi 8000 and Maria Stereo are a very peculiar couple. Part artists, part musicians, now they are making music together as Stereo 8000 (evident right?). Self described as punk rock couple moderni from Sahalahti, there’s not much experimentation here, just a two and a half minutes garage rock song.

Check out below the video that Maria Stereo has done for Magnet, the first taste of the couple’s upcoming album to be released early next year via Bone Voyage Recordings.

Astrid Swan – Four Months To Kill

A couple of weeks ago, Astrid Swan released her fifth album, titled Astrid4, where she returns to her own songwriting, and she does it in a superb manner. After flirting with guitar based brit-pop (Better Than Wages) and releasing a surprising synthpop album of Pavement covers (Hits – Pavement for Girls), on Astrid4 we find again the piano centric songs and the grandiose arrangements that made Astrid popular early in her career.

If you didn’t download the first single when it came out, here’s a chance of watching the video directed by media artist and documentary filmmaker, Timo Wright.

Anni – Sneakers

Earlier this year, songstress Anni released Sneakers as part of her debut Water Lilies EP, but she just premiered the music video for it. Recorded in the Turku archipelago by director Juuso Räsänen during summer, november is the right time to see this video as now it feels like a very welcomed ray of sunshine that will brighten the darkest time of the year. As enchanting as a summer bonfire, this flawlessly produced song stands out by the simplicity of its lyrics and soulful melody. A little piano-based pop gem, cute as electric blue sneakers.

This video also marks a turning point for the artist as she closes the chapter of her first EP and readies to release new music. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, Anni has recorded more songs and will release an EP next January. Stay tuned.

Ochre Room – Garbage Trucks Are on the Move

Folk rockers Ochre Room release an outstanding debut album back in 2012, in which they explored Americana sounds with a touch of traditional Finnish melancholy. The sixth-piece band is already preparing a follow-up scheduled for a spring 2014 release. The video below is the first taste of that album and the band seems to travel to Nashville to pick up a sweet country melody.

Them Bird Things – I Know Who Killed Robert Johnson

The life and death of bluesman Robert Johnson is one of the major myths in American music. Not only he sold his soul to the devil, but he was (allegedly) poisoned to death at the age of 27. At the time, the death of a black musician did not deserve to be investigated and therefore the possible murdered was never found.

Almost 75 years later, Finnish band Them Bird Things has solved the mystery. Singer Salla Day claims I know who killed Robert Johnson when singing the band’s latest release, a stomping acoustic blues number with barrelhouse piano and washboard.

I Know Who Killed Robert Johnson is included in the band’s forthcoming third album Pachyderm Nightmares, which will be out this autumn.